Camping in Champagne-Ardenne

23 in France, Champagne-Ardenne

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The varied landscapes of Champagne-Ardenne include dense forests, vineyards and winding rivers. The whole area is dotted with fascinating ancient churches and castles, towns and villages.

Situated on the flatlands of Champagne are the most northerly vineyards in France where special processing turns the light, dry wine into the world-renowned 'le Champagne'. The name signifies the wine has been produced in the region; sparkling wine from anywhere else in the world must take a different name. Reims and Epernay are the centres for the wine trade, with many of the largest Champagne houses setting their headquarters here.

The region is essentially a place of rural peace, with chalky rolling fields, although there is some heavy industry in the north. This north-eastern slice of France has seen many European battles and the hilly terrain and deep forests of the Ardennes gave some advantage to the Resistance fighters of the last war when Ardennes was annexed to Germany. Its main city of Charleville-Mezieres was two distinct towns lying on either side of the Meuse river until their amalgamation in 1966 and each retains its individuality.