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Camping in the Czech Republic

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Czech Republic

When most people think of the Czech Republic, they immediately think of Prague, its historic and enchanting capital. But while there’s every reason to discover this buzzing city, camping in the Czech Republic can offer a more laid back, scenic experience if you’re willing to find it.

The eastern region of Moravia borders Poland, Slovakia and Austria, and is characterised by the jagged peaks of mountain ranges such as the White Carpathians, which form its eastern boundary. The rolling countryside is peppered with small vineyards which can be explored by bicycle and the Moravian Karst region is a landscape steeped in myth that features some of the country’s most exceptional scenery. Boat trips run along the subterranean River Punkva, enabling you to explore the famous Macocha Abyss, a cavern 138m deep.

A trip to Prague is certainly worth the effort, even if you’re camping in the Czech Republic to get away from city life. Romantic and changeable, it is a cosmopolitan capital with numerous cultural influences that are most apparent in its diverse assortment of architectural styles, from Gothic and Rococo to Cubist. Sample traditional Czech cuisine such as Silesian pierogi, potato dough filled with pork crackling, sauerkraut or smoked meat, in one of the speciality restaurants and wash it down with a refreshing beer.

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