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    With nearly one quarter of its land inside the Arctic Circle, Norway is relatively unknown to many visitors. The fjords are perhaps its most famous characteristic, channels that splinter the coastline revealing glorious scenery, but there’s much more to this mysterious, magical land than its western reaches.

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Camping in Norway is really the best way to become well acquainted with the country. It’s a place that lends itself to touring – the inky blue of the fjords, the crisp white of the snow laden mountains and the lush green of the forests provide contrast you’ll never tire of. There’s something new to discover, from the modern vibe in Oslo to the relaxed, edge-of-the-wild feel in Trondheim.

One of the highlights of a camping holiday in Norway is the opportunity to try Norwegian cuisine. The seafood is first-rate, with stockfish and salmon being particular delicacies, and lamb is also a popular dish, especially in autumn time.

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