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Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber
Camping in the National Parks of England, Scotland and Wales

Camping in the National Parks of England, Scotland and Wales

From the chalky South Downs and foreboding dark peat of the Peak District in England to the coastal splendour of Wales's Pembrokeshire Coast and the vast mountain ranges of Scotlands Cairngorms, the UK really has it all.

Camping in the UK's National Parks

Cotswolds AONB
Camping in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Camping in the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (AONBs)

Each Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has its own unique characteristics – exemplified by its landscape, habitats, wildlife and cultural heritage. The role of the AONB organisation is to protect and safeguard it for future generations. Today the 46 AONBs cover around 18% of the UK countryside and 20% of the English coastline.

Explore camping in the UK's AONBs

Wild Camping Guide

Wild Camping Guide

Eco-friendly campsites have sprung up all over the country, where the golden rule is to be as environmentally thoughtful as possible.

Aside from our listed camping sites - individuals, couples and families are also venturing into the great outdoors and discovering their own perfect off-grid camping spot. This is known as wild camping.

Read our in-depth guide to Wild Camping

Mental Wellbeing Hub

Mental Wellbeing Hub

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. COVID-19 has, for many, brought to light the vulnerabilities that we all have when it comes to our mental wellbeing. The best thing we can do is talk.

Realising that something is wrong is the first step towards getting help. Visit our Mental Wellbeing Hub to find out more about the benefits of nature and camping, advice, tips and charities and organisations that can help if you aren't feeling 100%.

Head over to our Mental Wellbeing Hub

Travel Advice Hub

Travel Advice Hub

With a little upfront planning, travelling is easy but it always pays to be aware of any changes to your travel plans, disruptions along your route and other alterations to international travel rules.

This section covers everything from Brexit and Coronavirus to accessibility and tips for learning a new language.

Read all the travel advice

Camping and Caravanning Road Trips

Great Camping and Caravanning Road Trips

We've gotten ourselves in gear and documented some of our favourite routes including suggested campsites and must-see attractions.

Suggested motorhome itineraries include the French Atlantic Coast, the Spanish Mediterranean and Southern Portugal.

We've also included some great city camping options and a list of all the UNESCO-listed sites for you to explore. 

Explore the open road

Camping with Kids

Camping with Kids

Camping with kids is always an adventure. It's an activity perfectly suited to the little ones, providing them with the ideal balance of a fun, educational and healthy lifestyle, and of course, memories that will last a lifetime and inspiration that passes through generations.

Let's go camping!