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If you have previously been an Alan Rogers Inspector, you will notice some changes to our program, the first of which is a change in name from Inspector to Assessor. For more information click on '2019/20 Program' tab below.

If you're visiting this page because you're interested in becoming a campsite assessor, please click on the 'new assessor' tab below.

New Assessors

Spending summers on the road is part of annual life for the Alan Rogers campsite assessors. Travelling all over Europe, they produce in-depth, independent reports on each site they visit.

What to expect - Meet the Corralls:

Former magistrate John Corrall and his wife Margaret now spend their days doing some judging of another kind – ensuring the campsites recommended by Alan Rogers are kept up to scratch. Armed with clipboards and checklists, they visit 20-30 sites per year to make sure our readers are getting the quality they deserve.

In the past, the couple have travelled through Europe assessing sites across the UK, France, Holland and Belgium. Travelling across the continent is something the couple takes in their stride. As a former employee of the AA’s route department, Margaret is no stranger to a bit of map reading when the sat-nav attempts to lead them astray. 

any years of touring later and John and Margaret fill their spare time making sure others get the most out of their holidays. “In a typical day we would probably assess two to three sites, some of which would be new to the guide and hence require a full write-up.” This consists of a detailed form outlining everything from opening times to electricity and gas availability on pitches. It’s then up to John and Margaret to decide whether the sites are worthy of a place in the guides. Sites that have appeared in the guides previously are given an interim check to confirm their continued high quality.

Outside of their Alan Rogers duties, John and Margaret don their Caravan and Motorhome Club shirts to advise over 30 'Certified Locations' and represent our parent company at the Caravan & Camping Shows at Birmingham’s NEC every February and October.

Becoming an assessor:

Alan Rogers employs teams of campsite assessors each year to ensure the sites included in our guides meet our high standards.

Our assessors come from all walks of life, but share a common passion for camping and caravanning. If you’d like to join our team of assessors, e-mail us at for more information.

Our current assessment program

Following the restructure of the business over the last couple of years, We re-introduced our assessment programme in 2018.

Requests made by assessors to visit a site are made on an ‘approval in advance’ basis. We can’t pay mileage or arrange and supply ferry crossings, but if you’re already planning a trip, then it could be a good opportunity for a bit of extra spending money.

If there are sites you’re already thinking of visiting whilst on holiday, let us know and we’ll either approve or decline the assessment (in which case, feel free to send a report, but we won’t be able to pay you!) The approval process will probably take a couple of days, so please try to give us some time to get back to you.

This decision to approve or reject the request will be based on whether we have a commercial agreement with the site already (in the form of a commission or an advertisement), if it’s in an area where we are particularly interested in developing the listings, if someone is already planning on going there (either another assessor, a member of the rallies team or one of the Club contractors) and how much assessment budget we have remaining for the current year.


For new assessments, our current 'report sheet' can be found on the 'downloads' tab. This form is usually given to campsites when they are submitting their initial information. This format works well for us as we can simply upload the information you gather straight into the website. The form includes example information which gives you a good starting point when completing your review and assessment. This text should be original, and not copied from another website. - We can pay you £20 for a completed new site assessment.


For updates to existing reviews, the approach other assessors have been taking, is to print off the site report from the website ahead of their visit. They have then been marking these up in red where a change needs to be made and sending them back to me here in the office via email or post. A print off of the full 'report sheet' works well alongside this as a reminder to ensure you're not missing out on any additional information which could be collected - We can pay you £10 for a completed interim/updated assessment.


As with assessments, we'll let you know when you submit your request whether we require photographs or not. Examples of photographs that work well (taken by John Corrall) can be found on the Poolsbrook listing. Photos need to include one of the pitches, one of the reception building and one of the surrounding area. Additional photos of facilities such as play areas or pools are always welcome.

Photographs should be clearly re-named with the Alan Rogers number before submission. We appreciate you may not be the next David Bailey, but we can work wonders with photoshop (see the example.) Photographs which contain clearly identifiable people must be accompanied by an 'appearance release form' which can be found on the 'downloads' tab. - We can pay you £10 for 5 published campsite photographs.


View our list of sites which we would like assessing. You should still follow the approval process detailed above as we're unlikely to approve multiple sites in the same area. The sheet will be updated on a regular basis, as assessments are approved or as new requests are received. If there is a site you're thinking of visiting which isn't on the list, feel free to let us know as we may still be interested in a review or an update.


We don't set a specific deadline for receipt of assessments, as most of the updates are for the website first and print second. For sites which may be included in the guide, the production process is much more efficient due to significant automation (and we’re only producing 1 or 2 guides at the minute) therefore we don’t need final edits until much later in the year. We accept edits all year round and make a decision on which sites are included in print in October.


Sites may supplement their report with an advertisement and we have agents to handle this. However, many sites will ask for information on advertising. Our advertising rates can be found on our advertising pages along with a list of benefits. You may find it beneficial to print off a copy of the 'opportunities' information sheet. Any leads that you generate in this respect should be passed to

Finally, you may have noticed a change of title from inspector to assessor, we felt that the old title of inspector was a little too formal and sometimes put up a barrier with the campsite owner/manager and you, 'the inspector.' Hopefully, you like the change!

If you’re interested in supplying reviews then drop us a line at with the details of sites you’re looking to visit (including the Alan Rogers numbers.)

Assessor IDs

Assessor identification is now issued on a bi-annual basis. Identification cards take around two weeks to produce as they are printed by a 3rd party supplier. If you have already had an assessment approved, please send your photograph along with your postal address to and we'll get your identification sent over to you.

The rear of the card has the following message: 'For confirmation of the holders' identity, please contact...' however, as details of all our current inspectors can be found on this page, feel free to refer campsite owners/managers to this page.

Our longer-term aim is to credit the assessors with their inspections, you can see an example of this on the Poolsbrook listing.

Uniform - We have a limited supply of polo shirts, sew on badges & body warmers available for assessors, if you are interested in acquiring one of these, please email

List of current assessors- 2020/21 Expiry 31 December 2021

Assessor Name Assessor ID Number Countries Photo
Rob Fearn AR19000 All Europe
John Corrall AR19001 UK & France
Paul Bate-Jones AR19002 UK, France, Portugal & Spain
Linda Willox AR19003 France, Germany & Scandinavia
Ian Willox AR19004 France, Germany & Scandinavia
Mike Annan AR19005 United Kingdom & France
Pete Lowen AR19006 France
Ann Cazenave AR19007 France
Jill Bate-Jones AR19008 UK, France, Portugal & Spain
Mike Winks AR20001 UK & France
Anita Winks AR20002 UK & France
Mick Baldwin AR20003 Ireland
Mary Baldwin AR20004 Ireland
Paul Johnson AR20005 UK & France


Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Guidance for assessor campsite visits - COVID-19 Update [.pdf]

Assessment - Report Sheet [.pdf] | Report Sheet [.doc] | Report Sheet [.pages]
Use this form for 'new campsite' assessments
Ensure any descriptions are original (not copied from another website) as Google takes an unfavourable view of duplicate content.

Assessment Requests - List of sites requiring assessment.

Photography - Appearance Release Form
To be completed when submitting photography including clearly identifiable people.

Photography - Guide and Terms & Conditions
Handy hints to campsite photography and terms & conditions for uploading your images.

Introduction Letter
Download and print off this letter of introduction in the local language
English - French - Spanish - German - Italian - Dutch - Norwegian
Remember: a free overnight pitch is at the owner/managers discretion.

Writing Guide
Take some time to read this introduction to copywriting for the Alan Rogers website & guides.

Health & Safety Audit
We don't expect you to be completing a full H&S audit, but the following pointers may help identify any problem areas.

Visit our Advertising page for more information on the advertising opportunities available to campsites.