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The largest of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden is sparsely populated and is a land of extensive pine forests and the midnight sun. Its people are very relaxed and a liberal attitude permeates the culture, as do the long-held traditions and festivals that form a central part of Swedish life.

The south is, unsurprisingly, the most popular area for camping in Sweden. It’s dominated by two great lakes and is home to several historic ports such as Gothenburg and Malmö. Its capital, Stockholm, is built on 14 small islands and is an attractive, vibrant city with plenty to offer visitors.

A stronghold of the Viking era, Skåne is a patchwork of forest and farmland, with castles and manors dotted all around. From here it’s not far to Öland island, a favourite among holidaymakers who enjoy camping in Sweden thanks to its sandy beaches and rolling pastures .

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