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There’s something at once fierce and majestic about the wild landscapes of Scotland. The scenery is beautifully rugged, with heather-clad hills, dramatic peaks and the blue-black waters of the lochs. It’s a great place to chase down the northern lights in the winter and enjoy river rafting and whisky tasting in the summer. 

With so many campsites in Scotland, there are plenty of places to stay whether you’re looking for one location or several for touring. From Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye, there’s no shortage of breath-taking views, historic towns or imposing castles. Dunrobin Castle in the north is a particularly fine example, set in the Highlands and appearing to have been lifted straight from a fairytale.

One of the joys of camping in Scotland is the opportunity to see its varied wildlife. Ospreys and eagles wheel above heather-clad hillsides and remote moorland, and schools of dolphins can be spotted around the coast.

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Drink Driving in Scotland

It's worth noting that the legal limits in Scotland differ from the rest of the UK.  Scotland lowered the limit to 22mg per 100ml (breath limit) / 50mg per 100ml (blood limit) in 2014. To err on the side of caution we would recommend that zero alcohol is consumed on the day you intend to drive and that consumption the day before you intend to drive is limited. More information can be found on the Scottish Government website