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    With pockets of beautiful countryside, historic cities and fine cuisine, going camping in Belgium holds many delights. Divided into the Flemish north, Flanders, and the French-speaking south, Wallonia, it is a visually and culturally rich destination.

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The north and south differ in more than just language. Flanders is largely flat like the neighbouring Netherlands and is studded by three of Belgium’s most famous cities: Antwerp with its bustling old port, Bruges with its network of canals and Ghent with its remarkably well preserved medieval architecture. Wallonia’s wild and wooded Ardennes region stretches down into Luxembourg and is a lovely quiet corner with a sprinkling of country towns. One of the most appealing of these is Chimay, which has a ruined medieval castle and nature reserve nearby.

One essential while camping in Belgium is a cold Belgian beer. Whether you sample this delight over lunch or after a long day exploring, whether you choose a blonde ale or a Flemish red, it’s one of the simple pleasures you mustn’t miss. Stop in a local café to taste a beer or two and watch the world go by.

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