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About Alan Rogers

Experts in camping since 1968

Alan Rogers
Alan Rogers

Alan Rogers himself started with the specific aim of providing people with the necessary information to allow them to make an informed decision about their holiday destination. Today we still do that.

The world has moved on, however, and the information we provide now takes many forms, not just printed guides. One element that has not changed is our expertise.

We work with campsites across Europe in all countries, including the UK. We visit campsites for inspection purposes (or even just for pleasure!). We collaborate with campgrounds on tour operating programmes, and we help campsites promote themselves. In short, we work with campsites all day, every day. We know campsites ‘inside out’. We make regular campsite visits, staying on-site as we travel, using their facilities, eating in their restaurants (it’s hard work, but someone has to do it).

What this means is we know campsites.

We know which campsites would suit active families; which are great for get-away-from-it-all couples; we know which campsites are planning super new pool complexes; which campsites offer a fantastic menu gourmand in their on-site restaurant; which campsites allow you to launch a small boat from their slipway; which campsites have a decent playing area for kicking a ball around; which campsites have flat, grassy pitches and which have solid hard standings.   

Alan Rogers - in search of ‘the best’

Alan Rogers Guides were first published over 50 years ago. Since Alan Rogers published the first campsite guide that bore his name, we've expanded our scope to cover 27 European countries. Over 20 of the campsites selected by Alan for the first guide are still featured on our website today.

There are over 11,000 campsites in France alone, often of varying quality: this website contains impartially written reports on many of the very finest, each being individually 'inspected and selected'. We aim to provide you with a selection of the best, rather than information on all – in short, a more selective, qualitative approach.

We wish you well on your travels.

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