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Walking and Cycling in Champagne

Walking Holidays in Champagne

Mercier Wine Merchants

A walking holiday in Champagne is the ideal opportunity to discover the extensive vineyards and exquisite wines so closely associated with the region. Stroll between leafy vines, wander under the shady canopy of verdant woodland or explore timeless towns and villages on a leisurely tour of this striking province.

Follow the wine route

With more than 5,000km of trails traversing the Champagne region, it’s no surprise that walking is the best way to uncover its charms. Of course, with the most famous export of the area being its eponymous sparkling wine, it would be remiss to neglect the many vineyards and wineries that decorate the landscape. Heading south to the town of Epernay enables a visit to a number of world-renowned wine houses; enjoy hiking from the homes of Mercier to Castellane, and from Castellane to Moet et Chandon, indulging in samples from these iconic merchants.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims

Regal Reims

Aside from the splendour of rolling vineyards and magnificent wine houses, Champagne offers much for those walkers looking to experience history and heritage. The former provincial capital of Reims is a city of great repute, being the former setting for the coronation of the French kings.

A walk through the city reveals striking architecture such as the Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991, the Saint Remi Basilica and the Mars Gate, a relic dating from the third century during Roman occupation.

Cycling in Champagne

An area of charm and sophistication, Champagne is a delight to discover by bike. The multitude of greenways that navigate the landscape ensure a safe and enjoyable tour through rolling fields, endless vineyards, and picture-perfect towns and villages.

Champagne vineyard

Country lanes

Those taking a cycling holiday in Champagne will criss-cross the region on narrow country lanes, following canals that are edged by magnificent vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. Pedal past vines whose fruit is used to make some of the most prestigious wines in the world, then onto the Champagne houses to sample the most refined of refreshments.

City streets


Culture enthusiasts will enjoy cycling around the major cities of Champagne. Discover the many charms of Reims, such as the Roman Mars Gate and the grand Palace of Tau, or be transported back to the 16th century on a visit to Troyes, where half-timbered houses are a quaint and somewhat nostalgic sight. Cross from town to town and take in the stunning sights, fascinating history, and infectious joie de vivre of this compelling region.