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    Situated in the far north, Finland is a long and mainly flat country with its roots in the Stone Age. It’s a land of the northern lights, Lapland and Santa’s grotto, and immense glassy lakes flanked by conifer forests.

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Camping in Finland is an opportunity for firsts: building a snow castle instead of a sandcastle, seeing the midnight sun, walking through old wooden towns like Porvoo and Rauma. Its appeal is largely in its off-the-beaten track feel – it’s a place where the beaches are never crowded and a sense of tranquillity is present in both the natural surroundings and the pace of Finnish life.

The unspoilt wilderness makes it a perfect place for relaxing in natural, peaceful surroundings. Several of the campsites in Finland are in the Lake Region, which has some bustling yet beautiful towns such as Savonlinna and Kuopio. Winter visitors can meet Santa and his reindeer in Lapland for some Christmas magic.

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