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So far in 2021, we've launched our rebuilt content management system and are continuing to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is no doubt that the Alan Rogers website is an important vehicle for campsites wishing to communicate effectively with the British market.

We are pleased to announce that for 2022 we will be publishing the 54th edition of our ever-popular Europe guide.

Guidebook advertising

Advertise in the 54th edition of the Alan Rogers’ selected sites in Europe guide.

Publish date: Mid Feb 2022


  • Campsite profiles - From £600 / 660€
  • Half-page advertisements - From £900 / 990€
  • Full-page advertisements - From £1500 / 1650€

Distribution channels

  • Copy and Advertising Deadline: Last Thursday in November 15:00 GMT

Destinations Magazine

A colourful magazine designed to inspire readers' holidays - Destinations is our dedicated travel magazine aimed at campers, caravanners and motorhomers. Packed with holiday ideas, it aims to inspire readers with fantastic locations and great campsites all over Europe.


  • Advertorials - From £500 / 550€
  • Competitions & promotions - From £750 / 825€
  • Quarter-page advertisements - From £500 / 550€
  • Half-page advertisements - From £750 / 825€
  • Full-page advertisements - From £1000 / 1100€

Key facts

  • Approximately 100 pages - 148mm x 210mm (width x height)
  • 10,000 copies distributed at the NEC in February/October and via selected caravan dealers and hire companies.
  • Online - View the full magazine online on our website. Selected articles are also featured on our website and social media channels, meaning you can benefit from additional attention online.

  • Copy and Advertising Deadline: February Edition - First Friday in January 15:00 GMT
  • Copy and Advertising Deadline: October Edition - First Friday in September 15:00 GMT

Online advertising

Advertise your campsite on the Alan Rogers’ website:


  • Promoted campsite listings
    • From £300 / 330€
    • Benefits
      • Improved exposure/ position on the website
      • Link to your official website 
      • Promotion of your YouTube videos
      • Featured site (on our navigation, newsletters & social channels)
      • 2 accommodation types shown
      • Show more images than your competitors (unpaid listings are limited to 5 images)
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
    • From £150 / 165€ - Dependent upon wordcount
    • Submitted articles are promoted via Facebook & Twitter
    • Articles are also included in Destinations Magazine
    • Read our Blog Guidelines
  • Mini-Sites
    • From £1500 / 1650€ per page - Dependent upon requirements
    • Ideal for Tourist Regions, CRT's or Marketing Groups - A Mini-Site is an ideal way to get your message across to the UK audience
    • Add up to 5 additional pages of content about your region, including embedded pdf brochures.
    • For an example please the Andalucia Mini-site
  • B2C Emails
    • Three options
      • Personalised emails - From £500 / 550€
      • Sponsored emails - From £350 / 385€
      • Email inclusions - From £200 / 220€
    • Benefits
      • Email 13,000 highly targeted customers
      • Over 35% open rate (OR) and 4% click-through rate (CTR) compared to sector averages of 18% OR and 2% CTR

Touring Europe

Advertise your campsite in the Caravan and Motorhome Club Touring Europe guide:


  • Double-Page - From £5715 / 6290€
  • Full Page - From £3250 / 3575€
  • Half-Page - From £2050 / 2255€
  • Quarter-Page - From £1050 / 1155€
  • Back cover foldout - From £6735 / 7400€
  • Inside front/back cover - From £4290 / 4720€
  • Note: There format changed in 2021. We now only produce one guide, which covers the whole of Europe. This is a change to previous years where the guide was split into 3 versions, each covering one country or region, France, Spain and the Rest of Europe.

  • Copy and Advertising Deadline: Last Friday in September 15:00 GMT

Advertising Contact

UK & Ireland Campsites
Space Marketing -
Phone - +44 (0)1892 677741

France Campsites
ICCS International Tourism Promotions -
Phone - +33 (0)6 61 51 55 79

Spain & Portugal Campsites
Servicios Turísticos Heinze Latzke -
Phone - +34 93 280 40 44

Other European Campsites
Straver E-Marketing Projecten -
Phone - +31 (0)6 52 46 62 76

Advertising Terms and Conditions
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Since 1968 Alan Rogers has produced a series of annual guides containing “independently inspected and selected” campsites - covering over 30 countries throughout Europe.

Moreover, the business has become renowned for the provision of offline and online B2B advertising services for campsites and companies wishing to attract customers from European markets.













The Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) is the largest caravanning and motor caravanning organisation in the UK with over one million members. The organisation manages its own network of over 200 UK campsites, licenses an additional 2500 UK campsites and publishes a monthly magazine with a circulation of 360,000.

The Club also hosts the world’s largest caravanning forum and arranges overseas holidays for some 30,000 caravanners and motorhome owners annually.

Similar to Alan Rogers, The Club also publishes a European Touring Guide (20,000 copies) featuring caravanning and camping sites across Europe.

Caravan and Motorhome Club Opportunities

Touring Europe

Alan Rogers Selected

Highlight that your campsite has been selected for the Alan Rogers guides with one of our specially designed plaques.

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