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Camping du Botza
Switzerland, South, Valais, Vétroz

Situated in the Rhône Valley just off the autoroute, this is a pleasant site with views of the surrounding mountains. It is set in a...

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2021, 2019, 2016, 2015

Camping Tariche
Switzerland, West, Jura, Montmelon

This lovely site is some 6 km. off the main road along a steep wooded valley, through which flows the Doub on its brief excursion...

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2019, 2016, 2015, 2014

Camping Cul
Switzerland, East, Graubünden, Zernez

Camping Cul is a friendly and relaxed site in a good location on the banks of the River Inn, east of Davos. The site was...


Snowy peaks and precipitous valleys make camping in Switzerland a nature lover’s dream. Bordered by France, Austria, Italy and Germany, this small country has drawn visitors from far and wide for centuries with its diverse traditions and remarkable scenery.

Conceptions of Switzerland go hand in hand with images of the Matterhorn, said to be the most photographed mountain in the world. This soaring peak is often snow capped even in summer and towers above the pretty town of Zermatt, a popular ski resort.

It goes without saying that a camping holiday in Switzerland is sure to include outdoor activities. There’s paragliding, mountaineering and climbing for the thrill seekers, or for those inclined to more leisurely activities, golf, fly fishing and walking. The forested slopes of the Alps are an excellent place to discover the country’s flora and fauna, from the pine trees and alpine flowers to chamois and birds of prey.

Swiss cuisine varies depending on whether you’re in the French, German or Italian speaking areas. Fondue is perhaps its most famous dish, but you can also enjoy Zopf, a speciality bread and saffron risotto.  

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