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For centuries, Lorraine has been a major European crossroads, resulting in a rich mixture of cultural influences. Today, it is an idyllic setting for holidays with a diverse historical and cultural heritage.

Along with Alsace, Lorraine has suffered as a tract of Europe over which nations have incessantly waged war. Lorraine became part of France in the late 18th century, after which there was a further period of German rule from 1872-1918, followed by a temporary re-annexation under Hitler. In the north and the east of the region, architecture, cuisine and language show Germanic influence, yet the people consider themselves thoroughly French.

From Nancy north to the border is a region of outstanding beauty with dense woodlands the haunt of deer and boar. South of Nancy are spa towns and villages such as Vittel, Bains-les-Bains and Plombières, and the birthplace of St Joan of Arc at Domrémy. The Vosges crests formed part of the battle front in World War One and military requirements led to the building of the road now known as the Route des Cretes which runs near to the highest peaks. It goes past more WWI sites than vineyards, and more ‘ballons’ (the highest peaks are so-called because they are round and bald) than villages, but the view from the top is utterly breathtaking.