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Camping in France

The attractions of camping in France are many and varied. For first timers, there are plenty of exciting destinations close to the ports; for sun seekers, the sandy beaches of the Vendée and the Côte d’Azur, and for the culturally minded, the magnificent châteaux of the Loire.

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As a large country with a natural variety of landscapes, traditions and gastronomy, France offers a plethora of experiences that mean no two trips need ever be the same. Although it has long been associated with elegant cuisine and exquisite architecture, its charms extend far beyond the splendour of its cities.

The Alps make a stunning setting for outdoor activities all year round, from walking in the summer to skiing in the winter. Vast glaciers sweep through the region, an arresting illustration of nature at its best. To the west, the rugged countryside of Auvergne is one of the country’s lesser known but striking beauties.

Of particular historical interest are Picardy and Normandy, areas of great significance during World War I and II. A camping holiday in France can be tailored towards exploring such sites as the D-Day landing beaches and the battlefields around the Somme.

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