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Camping in Emília-Romagna

22 campsites in Italy, Emília-Romagna

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Camping Mare e Pineta

Camping Mare e Pineta is a vast site located within a pinewood at the heart of the Adriatic Riviera. The site enjoys direct access to...

Villaggio Camping Delle Rose

On the Cesanatico coastline of Emilia-Romagna, this site is unusually located in a shaded park area just 450 m. from the beautiful sandy beach. It...

International Camping Tre Moschettieri

Tre Moschettieri (Three Musketeers) is a compact, attractive site alongside the sea at Lido di Pomposa. The sandy beach, all decked out with its colourful...

Piomboni Camping Village

The pine forest which is home to Piomboni forms part of the Po Delta National Forest and has been spared the frantic commercial development of...

Camping Arizona

Camping Arizona is a green site with a zero carbon rating, set on steep slopes, and 500 m. from the pretty town of Tabiano, with...

Campeggio Parco dei Castagni

This lovely little mountain site is well situated on the edge of a small village and is open all year round. It takes its name...

Camping Hotel Città di Bologna

This spacious city site was established in 1993 on the edge of the Trade Fair Centre of this ancient and historic city and is very...

Tahiti Camping & Terme Bungalow Park

Tahiti is an excellent, extremely well run, family owned site, thoughtfully laid out 800 m. from the sea (a continuous, fun road-train link is provided)...

Centro Vacanze San Marino

Centro Vacanze San Marino, at 400 m. above sea level and positioned on an attractive hillside, has lovely views of the Adriatic. You'll arrive via...

Camping Spiaggia e Mare

This site has an attractive location in the large Po Delta National Park. Spiaggia e Mare has direct access to a fine private sandy beach...

Camping Villaggio Rubicone

This is a sophisticated, professionally run site where the friendly owners, Sandra and Paolo Grotto are keen to fulfil your every need. Rubicone covers over...

Camping Villaggio del Sole

Sole Family Camping Village is a large family site on the east coast of Italy, near Ravenna. The site has 234 pitches, of which 12...

Adriano Camping Village

Adriano has to be one of the very best campsites in a region renowned for its sightseeing and exploring opportunities. Even so, there is so...

Camping Village Vigna sul Mar

This quietly situated site, about 8 km. north of Ravenna, has everything required for a happy and active family holiday. Tall, mature trees mark out...

Romagna Family Village

Romagna Family Village is a busy holiday site on the Adriatic coast with direct access to the beach via a short underpass below the promenade...

Camping Eco-chiocciola

Tucked away in the Apennines in a small village, this interesting little campsite has many surprises. Eco-chiocciola (named after the snail wearing his house on...

Camping Riccione

Situated on the Adriatic coast, 400 metres from the beach, Camping Riccione is a rather noisy, bustling campsite with a distinct Italian flavour and may...

Camping Adriatico

Adriatico, on the Italian Riviera, is a busy seaside-style site popular with Italians. It is well run, kept in good order and all of the...

Camping Holiday Village Florenz

Camping Florenz has many loyal Italian campers who return year after year. This site is among the sand dunes and pine forest along the seafront...

Camping Village Adria

Adria is a modest site at first glance, however one soon realises this is a real gem. Unusually for the Adriatic, the setting is tranquil...


Once two regions, Emilia-Romagna stretches from the Adriatic coast almost to the shores of the Mediterranean. A prosperous area with historical cities and thriving industry, it also home to two of Italy’s most famous food exports: Parma ham and parmesan cheese. 


One of the richest regions of Italy, Emilia and Romagna only became united in 1947. Its landscape is varied, with the flat fields of the northern plain giving way to the forest-covered Apennine mountains in the south. Carving a route through the heart of the region is the Via Emilia, a Roman military road built in 187 BC that links the garrison town of Piacenza to Rimini on the coast. Most of the major towns lie along this route including Bologna, the region’s capital. The historic city boasts a rich cultural heritage with its famous porticos, old university buildings and medieval palaces clustered around bustling town squares.

North of Bologna, Ferrara is one of the most important Renaissance centres in Italy, while further inland Modena and Parma are home to some of the region’s finest architecture. Parma also boasts one of the country’s top opera houses. In the east, Ravenna is renowned for the Byzantine mosaics that decorate its churches and mausoleums, and along the Adriatic coast lie various beaches and the seaside resorts of Cervia, Cesenatico and Rimini. A popular summer destination, Rimini has sandy beaches, a lively nightlife, an abundance of bars and restaurants.

Emilia-Romagna comprises of nine regions: Bologna, Ferrara, Forli, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia and Rimini. 


Places of interest

Faenza: Home of faiënce ceramic-ware.

Ferrara: Walled town with impressive medieval castello.

Modena: The home of fast cars: both Ferrari and Maserati have factories on the outskirts.

Montese: Wild black cherry festival in July, medieval singing, dancing and classical concerts in August.

Piacenza: Historic Roman town, medieval and Renaissance architecture.

Valli di Comacchi: A wetland area, good for birdwatching.

Vignola: Best known for its cherries and cherry blossom, spring festival, 15th/16th-century castle

Spaghetti al Ragù

Cuisine of the region

Bologna is regarded as the gastronomic capital of Italy. Famous regional specialities include parmesan cheese (parmigianoreggiano), egg pasta, Parma ham (prosciutto di Parma) and balsamic vinegar. Local dishes include lasagne, tortellini stuffed with ricotta and spinach, bollito misto (boiled meats), zampone (stuffed pig’s trotter). Fish is also popular along the coast of Romagna.

Cannelloni: Large pasta tubes stuffed with meat or cheese and spinach, covered in tomato or cheese sauce.

Ciacci: Chestnut flour pancakes filled with ricotta cheese and sugar.

Spaghetti al Ragù: Pasta with beef and tomato sauce.

Torta di Limone: Tart made with lemon and fresh cream.