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Thousands of tourists from all parts of Europe flock to France every year for their holiday, whether it’s during the warm summer months or even the mild winters. As Europe’s third largest country, behind only Russia and Ukraine, there’s incredible diversity from the mountainous alps, rolling hills and sandy coastlines.

The French shores are particularly popular and with Alan Rogers you can choose from over 1,000 inspected and selected campsites within touching distance of the coast. With so many activities to take part in and brilliant onsite facilities, why not book up your next camping trip today?

During the summer months you’ll be able to enjoy brilliant sunshine on the sandy beaches of France, especially by venturing down to the southern coast of the country. Then there’s the incredible culture and scenic views on offer in the north and west of France, so you’re really spoilt for choice.

Aquitaine and Brittany are two of our favourite French shorelines. Aquitaine is home to some of the best naturist beaches in Europe and you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in beautiful, quintessentially French villages along the way. Brittany on the other hand is definitely a region for the whole family, particularly drawing in those keen on their watersports.

With such a large offering of amazing campsites throughout France, you’ll probably want to narrow down your options and select a destination that meets your every requirement. With the filters on the left you’ll be able to fine tune your options, based on any activities you’re interested in, or even with the facilities available onsite.

Why wait around to book your next camping trip? Simply start searching through over 1,000 French campsites near the beach to find out more information on each. If you find something taking your fancy, don’t forget to book up to avoid disappointment.