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Camping in Kvarner

23 in Croatia, Kvarner

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Located between Istria and Dalmatia, Kvarner incorporates some of the Croatian coast's best features, from ragged coastal hills to bustling ports sheltering painted fishing boats. The port of Rijeka is the busiest on the Adriatic and was the centre of many power struggles between Italy, Hungary and Croatia throughout its history. 

Just along the coast from Rijeka is Opatija, the grand dame of Croatian tourism. It was the most fashionable seaside resort during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and many fine hotels, residences and houses were built there during that period. More recently it has taken off as a destination for top quality seafood, attracting foodies from far and wide. Across the water and accessible by an impressive bridge is the island of Krk, which offers a mix of popular historic towns, sandy beaches and quieter places such as the winery at Vrbnik.

More rural are the islands of Rab, Cres and Lošinj. The former is the smallest, a sharp contrast of barren, rocky ground and lush green country with pretty coves along the western coast. The latter two are said to be where Jason fled with the Golden Fleece and it's easy to imagine him hiding out in the deciduous forests of northern Cres.