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A delightful peninsula bordered by Italy and Slovenia, Istria is the most popular destination for foreign visitors to Croatia. Umag and Porec continually top the annual poll of the country's best holiday resorts and some of the region’s finest campsites can be found all along this coast.

Scattered throughout Istria is an array of cultural and historic sites, from the Arena of Pula, a Roman amphitheatre turned concert venue, to the deserted medieval town of Dvigrad. The town of Rovinj with its cobbled streets and Venetian style houses captures the imagination, and an ascent of the clock tower rewards you with picturesque views. Inland Istria is dotted with hilltop villages that could be remnants from the past, the most famous of which is Motovun.

The peninsula's cuisine displays the numerous cultural influences that it has witnessed over its long history. Its main delicacy is the truffle, a tuber with an unappetising appearance that belies its exquisite taste. The local seafood is also worth trying, as is the olive oil which has been produced in the region since the Roman era.