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Forming a large part of Croatia's coastline and incorporating hundreds of islands, Dalmatia extends from Zadar county in the north to the country's southernmost tip. Only 50km across at its widest point, it is best known as a haven for both water sports enthusiasts and those looking for Mediterranean sun with a central European vibe.   

The Dalmatian coastline is one of the most dramatic in Europe: hundreds of miles of steep limestone cliffs dropping into sapphire-blue waters, hidden coves, secluded beaches and sun-baked olive groves. Ports and marinas can be found at frequent intervals both along the mainland coast and on the islands, supporting the popular sailing and yachting scene, and the islands themselves each have their own charm, offering diverse landscapes, snady beaches and quaint harbour villages.

The walled city of Dubrovnik is a World Heritage Site and a masterpiece of medieval architecture that really comes to life in the spring and summer when the streets are lined with bustling café tables and the scent of jasmine wafts through the air. The best view of the city can be found by ascending nearby Mount Srd.