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    The northern part of Belgium is known as Flanders and the Flemish inhabitants speak Dutch. The countryside is painted with soft green hills and winding roads and cities exhibit their charm with cobbled streets, gothic cathedrals and artistic treasures. Discover the colourful open-air markets, breweries and stylish restaurants.

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Flanders is most often associated with the devastating battles that took place there during World War I. A frequently visited destination is Ypres, with its war graves, museums and surrounding battlefields providing a poignant reminder of the overwhelming loss of life during that period. Today, Flanders is a thriving region with a flourishing modern art and fashion scene, as well as a rich comic culture - both Tintin and the Smurfs originated here. 

The region can scarcely be mentioned without a nod to its culinary delights. A staggering number of beers is available, many of which have their own glasses that are shaped to enhance the flavour. There's also Flemish beef stew, sometimes served with pain d'epices, and mussels are served almost everywhere during mussel season.