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Naturist Camping

With naturism growing in popularity, particularly on the continent, more and more campsites are catering for nude recreation.

Alan Rogers has compiled details on over 100 naturist campsites in the UK and Europe, each of which offers a positive environment in which to enjoy nudist leisure.

What is naturism?

It’s all about the freedom of nature and the right to be yourself and enjoy your leisure time as you wish, without harming others or impinging on their right to enjoy themselves as they wish.

Naturist camping holidays are about going beyond appearances, physical differences and stereotypes. As such, the ethos on campsites for nudists promotes being yourself, feeling good and respecting others while enjoying the same high-quality facilities and activities offered on other campsites.

The benefits of naturism

British Naturism points out that the human body was not designed to be wrapped up in clothes. Nudity, they say, brings real benefits to mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Body image issues can be addressed and aided and, with everyone on the same terms, it’s easy to relax and feel free.

Sunshine and fresh air on the skin can only be beneficial and conducive to a sense of wellbeing. And the act of removal of clothing is akin to peeling away layers of social conformity and all the associated worries and concerns that each person carries with them.

In short, naturism is about reconnecting with nature, as well as oneself. It allows freedom of expression and the freedom to be yourself, without the distraction of clothing and all the signals and statements clothes can bring. You are reduced to the real you and when in the company of others in the same state it is liberating and empowering.

Naturist campsites

Many of our listed sites are surrounded by woodland or contain privately owned beaches, making them ideal for visitors who are both new to, and experienced in, nudism. They’re the perfect setting in which to make friends with like-minded individuals and relax in a welcoming, amicable environment.