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Campsites for Kids

If you’re planning a caravanning or camping holiday with your family, you’ll naturally want to choose a campsite that provides plenty of fun and interesting activities for your children. To help you locate a suitable campsite, Alan Rogers has listed more than 250 locations across the UK and Europe that cater to kids’ needs.

Many of the campsites listed host multilingual children's clubs for 5-10 year olds and 10-14 year olds, as well as a broad range of activities to keep children excited and entertained throughout the entire holiday. Facilities may include children's playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools, creative crafts classes and even centres that provide details of local places of interest, designed in a child-friendly manner.

By booking a holiday at one of our family-friendly campsites you can ensure your children will never be short of places to play or activities to take part in. Start your search on Alan Rogers today and book a camping or caravanning holiday to look forward to.