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For the best camping ideas in the UK and Europe, read our brilliant blog today.

Calor Gas discontinuing some smaller bottles

Rob Fearn | 20 Jan 2023

Calor has announced that from 1st February 2023, the following cylinders will be discontinued: Cube, 3.9kg Propane, 4.5kg Butane, 6Lite Propane and 12kg Butane cylinders.
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Top 5 Winter Tents for Winter Camping

Peter Stannett | 19 Jan 2023

Have you ever thought about camping in the winter? It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there are several benefits to giving it a try! From fewer crowds and beautiful snowy landscapes to cosy campfire nights and unique recreational opportunities, winter camping can be a fun and rewarding experience. Just make sure you come prepared with the right gear to stay warm and comfortable.
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Protected cultural traditions in France

Rob Fearn | 16 Jan 2023

In common with many countries, France’s identity is framed by its rich cultural heritage. The gorgeous landscapes, majestic coastline, ancient towns and mighty rivers all play a part.
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AR Guide to: Buying a campsite

Rob Fearn | 9 Jan 2023

It’s easy to see the appeal of running a campsite. You get to spend time outdoors, interact with new people, and have the potential to have every day different to the one before.
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AR Guide to: Camping Beds

Peter Stannett | 4 Jan 2023

Some of us remember the bad old days of sleeping on the ground, on a canvas groundsheet which provided zero protection against the stones and twigs beneath and no insulation from the cold, damp ground.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Western France

Peter Stannett | 22 Dec 2022

There's no better way to explore France than its beautiful waterways. With some of the most picturesque rivers and lakes in Europe, it's a fantastic way to experience the "real" France.
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A brief history of the 2CV

Rob Fearn | 8 Dec 2022

Shortly before World War Two, the French car manufacturer Citroen hit gold when it introduced the 2CV. As the clouds of war gathered, this revolutionary car did not have the chance to capitalise on its launch, but in time, it went on to secure its place as one of the most significant vehicles ever produced.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Southern France

Peter Stannett | 29 Nov 2022

France's beautiful streams, rivers, canals, lakes and coasts offer some of the most fantastic opportunities for exploring the country. They wind their way through tranquil scenery and historic towns, crisscrossing agricultural countryside, breathtaking mountain landscapes and forest-filled valleys.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Eastern France

Peter Stannett | 25 Nov 2022

From the Rhône to the Loire and the Seine, these rivers wind through some of the most scenic countryside, captivating châteaux, charming villages and vineyards.
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Tiny Country Camping

Rob Fearn | 18 Nov 2022

Europe is home to five of the top-ten smallest countries in the world, and if you want to explore these micro-nations, then camping could be the perfect way to visit.
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Top 5 European Music Capitals

Ben Tully | 11 Nov 2022

Ahh Europe... birthplace to some of the world's most famous composers, musicians and songwriters, and home to a great selection of intimate music bars, awesome underground scenes, world-famous clubs, live music venues and stunning opera houses.
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Unusual France

Russell Wheldon | 7 Nov 2022

France has a great wealth of world-class tourist attractions. But sometimes, whether you've somehow managed to see them all, or just a handful, you want something more quirky. You've visited Pont du Gard, the Caves of Lascaux, Père Lachaise Cemetery and Monet's Gardens; what now?
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Campsites for the Rugby World Cup - France 2023

Rob Fearn | 2 Nov 2022

Camping has always been a popular way to visit France, and with the 2023 Rugby World Cup taking place just over the English Channel, we're expecting bumper bookings on many campsites throughout this rugby-crazy country.
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Alternative Portugal

Russell Wheldon | 31 Oct 2022

The Alentejo forms around a third of Portugal's landmass, yet it has just 6% of the population, and few visitors can claim to know much about it. This is one of Europe's least densely populated regions and a sorely overlooked holiday destination.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Northern France

Peter Stannett | 26 Oct 2022

France is a stunning country with rivers, lakes, streams and canals. They've inspired artists, writers and nature lovers throughout the centuries.
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Curious Catalonia

Russell Wheldon | 14 Oct 2022

Much has been written about Catalonia and its myriad attractions. Perhaps one of the world’s A-list destinations, it boasts such gems as the Park Güell, the Sagrada Familia and the Dali Theatre-Museum, not to mention Valencia’s incredible Science Museum and dozens of theme parks, castles, vibrant cities and galleries.
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The best caves in the Dordogne

Rob Fearn | 7 Oct 2022

Each of France's regions has its unique allure: endless beaches, majestic châteaux, historic cities, undulating vineyards, wild rugged garrigue. The choice is vast.
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Roman remains in France

Rob Fearn | 4 Oct 2022

France has a deep, rich history forged over centuries by many influences. Few were more searing than the Romans who held sway over five centuries, dominating and shaping the Gaulish kingdoms into what we broadly know as France today. Two thousand or so years later the Roman legacy lives on in many ways, none more striking than the physical structures that remain.
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The 7 Best Michelin Restaurants in San Sebastian

Peter Stannett | 14 Sept 2022

Situated in the stunning Bay of Biscay, amidst the beautiful Basque country – San Sebastian's foodie scene is second to none. Famed for the high quality of its avant-garde chefs, the sheer number of Michelin-listed restaurants will have you returning for more, time and time again.
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Contrasts of Catalonia

The Alan Rogers Team | 24 Aug 2022

Not long ago, we ventured down a rabbit hole and found ourselves over the Spanish border in Catalonia. We were smitten and immediately decided to do something about it.
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