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From the rugged scenery of the Alps to stunning sandy beaches and cosmopolitan cities full of amazing architecture and fabulous food – there’s a reason France is one of the most popular camping and caravanning destinations in the world. If you’re planning your next trip to this country of culture, don’t miss our in-depth guides to camping in France.

A brief history of the 2CV

Rob Fearn | 8 Dec 2022

Shortly before World War Two, the French car manufacturer Citroen hit gold when it introduced the 2CV. As the clouds of war gathered, this revolutionary car did not have the chance to capitalise on its launch, but in time, it went on to secure its place as one of the most significant vehicles ever produced.
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Wonderful Waterways: Rivers of Southern France

Peter Stannett | 29 Nov 2022

France's beautiful streams, rivers, canals, lakes and coasts offer some of the most fantastic opportunities for exploring the country. They wind their way through tranquil scenery and historic towns, crisscrossing agricultural countryside, breathtaking mountain landscapes and forest-filled valleys.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Eastern France

Peter Stannett | 25 Nov 2022

From the Rhône to the Loire and the Seine, these rivers wind through some of the most scenic countryside, captivating châteaux, charming villages and vineyards.
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Unusual France

Russell Wheldon | 7 Nov 2022

France has a great wealth of world-class tourist attractions. But sometimes, whether you've somehow managed to see them all, or just a handful, you want something more quirky. You've visited Pont du Gard, the Caves of Lascaux, Père Lachaise Cemetery and Monet's Gardens; what now?
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Campsites for the Rugby World Cup - France 2023

Rob Fearn | 2 Nov 2022

Camping has always been a popular way to visit France, and with the 2023 Rugby World Cup taking place just over the English Channel, we're expecting bumper bookings on many campsites throughout this rugby-crazy country.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Northern France

Peter Stannett | 26 Oct 2022

France is a stunning country with rivers, lakes, streams and canals. They've inspired artists, writers and nature lovers throughout the centuries.
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The best caves in the Dordogne

Rob Fearn | 7 Oct 2022

Each of France's regions has its unique allure: endless beaches, majestic châteaux, historic cities, undulating vineyards, wild rugged garrigue. The choice is vast.
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Roman remains in France

Rob Fearn | 4 Oct 2022

France has a deep, rich history forged over centuries by many influences. Few were more searing than the Romans who held sway over five centuries, dominating and shaping the Gaulish kingdoms into what we broadly know as France today. Two thousand or so years later the Roman legacy lives on in many ways, none more striking than the physical structures that remain.
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Top zoos & aquariums in France

Rob Fearn | 22 Jul 2022

While zoos (and aquariums) have long been favoured excursions for generations of holidaymakers, they are not without controversy.
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5 Beautiful Places to go Camping in France

Peter Stannett | 21 Jun 2022

There are many reasons to go camping in France for your summer holiday. There are sunny beaches, blue seas, magnificent mountains and great food and drink. France also has a fantastic camping culture, so there are many great campsites to choose from, most of which have fabulous facilities.
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7 Ingenious French Inventions

Rob Fearn | 20 Jun 2022

France is best known for its art and its cuisine, both of which are well worth shouting about. But you may not know that the French have also come up with some brilliant inventions. Here are, in our opinion, the most ingenious of them all.
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France’s best churches and cathedrals

Rob Fearn | 26 May 2022

Sometimes on holiday, you reach a moment where you need a change. You’ve relaxed and devoured that book, and just fancy a fresh diversion to pique your interest before diving into the next blockbuster.
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12 French phrases, quotes & proverbs

Rob Fearn | 20 May 2022

While some of the phrases, quotes, & proverbs below are not uniquely French, they are among our favourites.
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French architecture through the ages

Rob Fearn | 17 May 2022

French architecture has a long and, needless to say, flamboyant history.
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Best in Travel 2022

Ben Tully | 20 Jan 2022

Every year, our friends at Lonely Planet publish the ultimate list of countries, regions and cities which they deem must-visits for the year ahead. We're excited that more of the destinations that we offer have been chosen to represent 2022's Best in Travel than ever before.
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5 of the Best Countries for Camping

Peter Stannett | 17 Jan 2022

For making memories, having great experiences and relaxation you can't beat a good camping holiday. Whether you prefer a tent, caravan or motorhome, you can experience the best in an affordable way and without missing out on all of the holiday luxuries you want to enjoy.
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UNESCO: France

Ben Tully | 15 Nov 2021

There are some impressive places on the list in France, as you can well imagine, such as Chatres Cathedral, the Palace of Versailles and the fortified city of Carcassone. So why not plan your next trip across the Channel to visit some of these sites, they’ve been given this status for a reason, so you know you’re in for a treat!
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Tips for a Great Holiday in France

Peter Stannett | 24 Sept 2021

France is a fantastic place for a holiday. And if you take your tent, touring caravan or motorhome, it can be even better. If you don't have these, you could book a static caravan instead and holiday in some of the best regions and at some of the best campsites and caravan parks available.
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France: Five of the Most Beautiful Regions to Visit

Rob Fearn | 2 Sept 2021

There are many reasons to go camping in France for your summer holiday; sunny beaches, blue seas, magnificent mountains and great food and drink. France also has a fantastic camping culture meaning there are lots of great campsites to choose from, most of which have very high-quality facilities.
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Spotlight on the Vendee

Rob Fearn | 2 Apr 2021

There are four distinct regions to the Vendée département: the Bocage, a rolling, wooded area of low hills; the Plaine with its open countryside and rich arable land, golden with wheat and sunflowers in summer; and two marshy areas - the silent Marais Breton to the north, the lush, verdant slow-moving waters of the Marais Poitevin to the south
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