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If you’re searching for the best campsites across the UK and Europe, the Alan Rogers Selected Sites for Caravanning and Camping in Europe is your ultimate guide. With over fifty years’ experience reviewing camping grounds, we’ve got all the expert insights and insider tips to make your next camping holiday the trip of a lifetime.

Review: The Caravan Handbook by Sammy Faircloth

Rob Fearn | 23 Jun 2021 | Read time: 1m 36s

The go-to guide to the purchase, storage, maintenance and use of a caravan.
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It's back and it's better - 53rd Edition Selected Sites in Europe

Rob Fearn | 11 Dec 2020 | Read time: 5m 30s

It's become an annual tradition, every year just before Christmas we announce a brand new guide to campsites across Europe.
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Alan Rogers Guides celebrates 50 years

Rob Fearn | 17 Jan 2018 | Read time: 25s

With the launch of our special 50th edition guide book just around the corner, we thought we'd take a look at some of the campsites which are still going strong after all these years.
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The must-have guide for over 45 years

The Alan Rogers Team | 13 Feb 2017 | Read time: 2m 55s

Most guides to camping sites provide long lists of sites without passing any real judgement on them. This book is different. It only mentions particularly good sites, and it gives very detailed descriptions of these, with frank and comprehensive reports.
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