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Family Camping

Camping is one of the best ways to spend some quality time with the entire family. It’s an opportunity to explore the great outdoors together, encourage your children’s curiosity – as well as simply enjoy days on the beach or nights around the fire. From family-friendly activities to the best kid-friendly campsites and what to pack – we’ve got all the advice and inspiration you need.

How to keep busy during your next UK holiday park stay

Rob Fearn | 2 Nov 2023 | Read time: 2m 36s

Planning a holiday park getaway is the perfect way to get some much-needed time away from everyday life.
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Family Cycling

The hunt is on...

Ben Tully | 1 Apr 2023 | Read time: 4m 50s

The Easter holidays have arrived and we’ve been finding out about all the great activities for kids over the break. Here are a few of our favourites...
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Easter eggs

Unusual France

Russell Wheldon | 7 Nov 2022 | Read time: 11m 52s

France has a great wealth of world-class tourist attractions. But sometimes, whether you've somehow managed to see them all, or just a handful, you want something more quirky. You've visited Pont du Gard, the Caves of Lascaux, Père Lachaise Cemetery and Monet's Gardens; what now?
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Fosse Dionne

Top zoos & aquariums in France

Rob Fearn | 22 Jul 2022 | Read time: 4m 12s

While zoos (and aquariums) have long been favoured excursions for generations of holidaymakers, they are not without controversy.
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5 Best Camping Spots In Ireland

Rob Fearn | 10 May 2022 | Read time: 3m 25s

There are lots of ways you can make your camping holiday even better. For example, choosing the very best tent and camping equipment or making your journey stress-free by using a shipping service to transport all your equipment for you.
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Eagle Point Camping

5 Reasons Camping is the Perfect Family Holiday

Peter Stannett | 3 Feb 2022 | Read time: 4m 43s

Most of us have treasured memories of camping as children with our families. Those long days on the beach and days hiking and exploring before heading back to camp for a BBQ or meal cooked on a camping stove will always hold a sense of nostalgia for camping families.
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Family walking along river with tent in background

Camping with Kids in England

Peter Stannett | 15 Jul 2021 | Read time: 6m 41s

Camping is great fun for everyone, but it is an especially magical experience with your kids.
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Kid helping set up camp

The why, what and where of camping: part one

Peter Stannett | 18 Jun 2021 | Read time: 5m 56s

There is no doubt about it; the last year has been a challenging one for everyone. Now is the best time to consider taking care of yourself and finding a way to relax and recuperate.
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Tent under night sky

Little Known Activities You Can Do While On a Camping Trip with Family

The Alan Rogers Team | 6 Jun 2021 | Read time: 3m 53s

One of the best things you can do as a family is planning a camping trip. For starters, camping as a family allows you to bond with the people you hold close to your heart. Besides, the journey is a great way to get in touch with nature and experience our national parks and campgrounds.
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Camping Brings You Closer To Nature

10 'Must Do' Things While Caravanning This Summer

The Alan Rogers Team | 26 Mar 2021 | Read time: 6m 47s

It's been a challenging year, and travel has been the last thing on our minds. But now, with things moving...
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The Ups and Downs of Family Walking

Alison Stevens | 10 Feb 2021 | Read time: 5m 59s

My husband and I are parents to a ten-year-old girl. Her name is Loz and her ideal day is to...
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Attempting to instill a love of the countryside into baby Loz

Seaside Camping In The UK - Our Most Beloved Beaches

The Alan Rogers Team | 13 Aug 2020 | Read time: 5m 54s

From humble beginnings in the post-war years to all-inclusive and all-out family holidays, we've continued to enjoy our sunny beaches...
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Cornish beach

Choosing The Ultimate Staycation Camping Holiday In The UK

The Alan Rogers Team | 15 Jul 2020 | Read time: 5m 9s

The UK has so much to offer with its diverse landscapes, beautiful coastlines, bustling cities and historic towns. Wherever you...
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Tent camping in Scottish Highlands

5 Reasons To Choose A Camping Holiday In The UK

Rob Fearn | 10 Jun 2020 | Read time: 5m 22s

In recent weeks and months the world has seen a dramatic shift and with changes to how we live and travel likely to be in place for some time to come it is only natural that people are now considering how to get the most out of their time while still staying a little closer to home.
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Dover Calais

Best UK Campsites for Families

Rob Fearn | 21 Feb 2020 | Read time: 5m 9s

Do you want to book a family holiday? Maybe you just want to make sure that the kids have plenty to do the next time you go on a vacation.
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Mill Park

Campsites Near Disneyland Paris

Rob Fearn | 7 Feb 2020 | Read time: 5m 5s

If you want to avoid spending thousands on hotels, here are some of the best campsites near Disneyland Paris that...
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Camping le Soleil de Crécy

7 Reasons Why we Love Camping with Kids

Rob Fearn | 31 May 2019 | Read time: 3m 58s

Life on a campsite is tailored for children, so there’s never a dull moment from the instant you arrive at your pitch. They love the freedom, the space to run around and explore. And of course there’s plenty of opportunity for getting slightly grubby – and the chances of a bath are slim which is even better news for most under 12s.
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Children playing on campsite

Why we love campsites next to the beach

Rob Fearn | 22 May 2019 | Read time: 4m 4s

The archetypal sun, sea and sand holiday is, for some, the ideal; for others it’s dramatic, blustery seascapes and clattering...
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Ice cream melting

AR Guide to: Choosing a campsite in France

Ben Tully | 9 May 2019 | Read time: 6m 40s

Different people like different types of campsite, from the family-run, low key campsite to the large camping ‘village’ with all singing, all dancing facilities.
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Drive through fields of purple in Provence

A Quick and Cheap Way to Outfit Your Kids for A Summer Camping holiday

The Alan Rogers Team | 1 Aug 2018 | Read time: 3m 56s

If you are heading off with your kids on a summer camping holiday in and around the UK this summer...
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Stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular
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