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The Complete Guide to Wild Camping in the UK & Europe

Introduction to Wild Camping

Eco-friendly campsites have sprung up all over the country, where the golden rule is to be as environmentally thoughtful as possible. 

However, aside from these designated camping areas - individuals, couples and families are also venturing into the great outdoors and discovering their own perfect camping spot. This is known as wild camping.

What Is Wild Camping?

Wild Camping Gear & Accessories

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The Rules of Wild Camping

Eco-Friendly Wild Camping Tips

If you’re keen on wild camping you’ll have to adopt an eco-friendly attitude and approach. 

The following tips will help you to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and respects the environment.

Eco-Friendly Wild Camping Tips

How To Leave No Trace

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Protecting the Environment

When camping in the great outdoors, you’re the visitor. The area is almost certainly a habitat and home for animals and plants, so your behaviour should reflect this.

Respecting wildlife

Responsible disposal

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Wild Camping in the UK & Europe

The Best Places For Wild Camping

If you want to get a taste of camping, you have two options: stay in the UK or venture abroad. As we’ve already discussed, there are some rules and regulations governing wild camping in Britain, but it’s worth refreshing your memory with the information below.

The Best Places For Wild Camping

Top tips for Wild Camping

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The Wild Camping Blog

Wild Camping Safety Top Tips

Preparing for a kayak camping trip

Meet the survival experts

Take a camping trip on the wild side

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