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Stay healthy, both physically and mentally with a little help from nature

An Introduction to Mental Wellbeing

Each year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem of some kind. Anyone can suffer from mental health problems, some groups are more likely than others and COVID-19 has fuelled an increase in people suffering from mental health related illnesses.

Poor mental health is nothing to be ashamed of, nor should it be something you keep from others. It's important to speak out if you're feeling down - never bottle up your feelings. 

Keep calm and carry on camping: the benefits of an outdoor holiday

Keep calm and carry on camping: the benefits of an outdoor holiday

Is it time to switch off, in various meanings of the phrase, and discover the great outdoors? There's much evidence to suggest that taking a break in natural surrounding on a camping holiday can have a positive impact on mental health...

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Digital Detox - 6 Reasons Why

Camping is the perfect way to switch off from technology and give yourself a break with a digital detox. With limited electric options for charging and in some cases limited signal, it is easy to switch off your phone and there are lots of reasons why you should.

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Other useful resources

Where to get help & advice

Each of the four devolved administrations within the UK have their own systems and websites offering help, advice and information, if and when you need it. You can call your GP if you would like to discuss any struggles or concerns. If you live outside of the UK, contact your local health clinic.

Call 111 for non-urgent advice from a NHS medical advisor.
Visit and use the online help tool.

Call 116 123 or visit

England NHS Every Mind Matters
Scotland Clear Your Head
Wales Public Health Wales
Northern Ireland NIDirect

Read our Let's talk about: Getting help blog article for more charities and organisations that can offer help, advice, therapy or, perhaps, just a distraction.

We all have mental health, we have to look after it just as we do our physical health

Bad mental health can affect our feelings, behaviour, thoughts and rationality. And it's not just you, 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues in any given year. 

Hear from actor, comedian and writer Stephen Fry, GBBO's Nadiya Hussain, Years & Years lead vocalist Olly Alexander and others about their struggles with mental health.

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Have you struggled with mental health in the past and want to share your story to help others? Visit to share your experience. Your story could help someone struggling with a mental health issue come forward and get the help they need.

Let's talk about...

Read our Let's talk about blog series to find out more about ecotherapy, our senses and their role in helping to lift our mood, our world and how different cultures view mental health and how and where to get help if you need it.