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We firmly believe that travel should be accessible to everybody. But for some, travel can be challenging.

Whether you're a first timer or regular traveller, accessible travel can be a minefield if you're not sure where to look for trusted information. Luckily, we hold information on thousands of accessible campsites across Europe. Here, we bring together all our knowledge, advice and top tips for accessible travel because we believe travel should be open to all.

Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are obvious. Perhaps you use a wheelchair or mobility aid... Maybe you use a white cane or need an assistance dog... You may need a carer or assistant... Whatever your disability, Alan Rogers Travel is a strong believer of open travel because no one should be excluded from discovering our world.

AR Guide Accessible Travel in Europe
Wheelchair user overlooking lake

AR Guide Accessible Travel in Europe

As part of our 'Open to All' initiative, we've compiled the ultimate guide to accessible travel in Europe - believed to be an industry-first! 

We published our first edition in 2021 to a great reception. Now, our second edition 2023 guide is available...

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From top tips for a successful accessible camping trip to the ultimate guide to accessible travel in Europe, trust us for providing accurate, honest and comprehensive advice on accessible travel. Watch this space, we always adding new content...