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From winter driving to accessible travel, we round up the latest information and advice for campers, caravanners and motorhome users

First timer to France? Travelling in low season? Just looking for advice? We've got you covered! We're bringing together all our resources into one space; our Travel Advice Hub. Here you can find the answers to everything camping, caravanning and motorhoming from winter driving and language tips to driving abroad, low emission zones and more.

European Languages

Learning the basics: Language

People learning languages

We can't deny it, we Brits have the habit of expecting everyone to be able to speak English, and whilst many European countries can speak English, it is polite and often welcomed, to attempt to speak the native language (however bad you are at it!). 

With a little practice, you can pick some basics which will come in handy when travelling on the continent.

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Driving Regulations

Vehicle Access Regulations

UK motorway at dusk

Even at the best of times, cities aren't the easiest places to navigate. One-way roads, stop/start traffic, road closures and other hazards make for a stressful experience. As we become more aware of the pollution that traditional vehicles emit, many countries are implementing Low Emission Zones or LEZs in a bid to reduce pollution in urban areas. Each country has a different system which can get confusing, so we've broken down what's what and where.

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Driving Overseas

Learning the basics: Driving abroad

Couple driving with dog in centre

If you plan to drive abroad, through one or more countries, it's best to know the local rules and regulations because they will all differ slightly. Speed limits, winter equipment, using motorways, headlights, horns and everything in between. Get the lowdown on the what, where, how and when.

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LGBTQ+ Europe

LGBTQ+ Friendly Destinations in Europe

LGBT celebration

Generally speaking, Europe is one of the world's most progressive and open continents when it comes to equal treatment and gay rights but some disparities between countries still exist. Whatever you identify as, feeling safe abroad is important; to you and us. So, with the help of Pride Expeditions, we've compiled a miniguide to Europe's friendliest countries for LGBTQ+ travellers.

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Camping Dictionary

The Ultimate Camping Dictionary

At Alan Rogers, we're experts in all things camping, caravanning and motorhoming. This pastime has a host of words and phrases that can be alien to newbies or first-timers, so we've compiled the ULTIMATE camping dictionary!

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Winter Driving

Winter Driving

Winter driving

It's worth reading up on the destination you wish to visit before you arrive, especially if you're travelling during the winter months as the rules of the road are often different during this period. The prospect of confronting snowy, icy and wet roads can be daunting but camping and caravanning in low season certainly has its benefits.

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EU Travel

Travel to the EU

Union Jack and EU flag

Since Britain left the European Union in January 2020, some things have changed. 

You should now be familiar with what's changed but as the situation continues to evolve, we outline the latest advice as per the UK Government website.

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