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Campsites for walkers & cyclists

Walking and cycling are among the most popular activities when camping, and it’s no surprise when so many campsites are set in beautiful countryside locations.

The campsites in this listing offer visitors access to scenic walking and cycling routes, some of which are accessible directly from the campsite’s gates. Several are located on official way-marked paths or trails, meaning you’re sure to find yourself in some spectacular surroundings.

Whether you prefer wheels or feet, there’s something satisfying about adventuring into the great outdoors to discover the local area. Browse through the list of campsites for walkers and cyclists below. It covers sites and parks all over Europe and you can filter your search by country for more refined results.

Camping For Walkers

Camping For Walkers

Camping and walking are two hobbies that go hand in hand, and it's easy to see why. There is nothing quite as good as pitching up your tent or caravan in a beautiful location and then heading out into nature to walk, explore and experience the beautiful world around us. Not only can you get some exercise and fresh air but you can experience new places. You can find those hidden beauty spots only hikers can get to, and you can meet local people and pick up some fantastic local produce along the way. There is no better way of spending a little time living for the moment without the usual everyday stresses and worries that clutter up our minds.

There is no one way to have a walking and camping holiday; you have plenty of options and methods you can use to personalise your holiday to be exactly what you need it to be.

Book A Base To Start From Every Day

One way to have a hiking holiday is to find a place to explore and book yourself onto a campsite as a base. If you pick carefully, you can use your chosen campsite as a great base to start from and come back to each day. The apparent advantage of this type of camping holiday is that you can pitch up, unpack and make yourself a cosy home to come back to and relax in after a long day hiking. You don't need to worry about packing up daily and heading out to your next destination. You can get up and have a relaxing morning before heading out to your chosen walk for the day.

Make sure you have plenty of walking equipment with you and book yourself onto a campsite that has all the facilities you need for your stay.

Head Out On A Walking And Driving Holiday

If you want a camping holiday where you see as much of the country or area you have chosen to visit, a great option is walking and driving. Pack up your tent or hook up your caravan and plan out a driving route that takes in all the sights and places you want to see the most. Book yourself into campsites along that route, making sure you book yourself a couple of nights in each location and then start on your camping road trip.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to see as much as possible. Or for those who have somewhere to be and want to take the scenic route to get there. Every time you make your home in a new location, you can head out on walks and explore the local area before moving onto the following destination and exploring that area!

Have A Hiking Holiday

For anyone who really wants to experience a camping and walking holiday that takes them back to nature and gives you a real sense of achievement, you can have a hiking holiday where you pack up your tent and everything you need onto your back and walk from campsite to campsite.

This option isn't for the fainthearted. It isn't easy, but if you are a hardened hiker with experience and the fitness level required and love nothing more than to indulge in a good walk, then this is the holiday for you.

Choose your destination and then plan your route. You need to be aware of how much you can realistically walk in a day and how far this will take you. Once you have worked out a route and the places you will need to stop for the night, you can start planning the campsites you will be staying at and start searching and booking for suitable campsites along your route.

When planning this type of holiday, you need to take extra care to plan it out thoroughly. Make sure your campsites have all the washing and shopping facilities you may need. You won't be able to take a week or two's worth of food in one go, so you need to have plenty of snacks in your bag and have it planned where you would stop and grab some food or a hot meal while out on your walk. If you can, plan food stops into your daily walking routes. It gives you somewhere to aim for, and it ensures you get a good rest at some point during the day.

Don't be afraid of stopping for two or three nights in one location. You don't have to fill every day with walking from destination to destination. You will need some resting and recuperation time in between your long hikes between destinations.

Cycling and Camping Holidays

Cycling and Camping Holidays

Cycling is a fantastic hobby. It gives you a sense of achievement; it's an excellent way to get some exercise in a fun way that gets your adrenalin going, and you get to travel to and bike through some of the most beautiful hills and scenery the world has to offer.

Like many hobbies, especially outdoor pursuits, biking can be an expensive one. With your bike, clothing and equipment, the costs can start to add up. That's before you have even thought about travelling around the country or the world to pursue your hobby. This is just one of the reasons that camping and cycling go hand in hand.

There are far more reasons to pack your tent along with your bike. While camping is generally a cheaper alternative to hotels and more expensive holiday options, it isn't all about the cost. Camping is an incredible hobby all on its own and is a fantastic way to get back to nature and explore all the hidden beauty spots that staying in hotels means you can miss out on.

Camping is a hobby and holiday lifestyle that is popular worldwide, which means you can pack up your bike and travel anywhere in the world to your chosen trails.

Mountain Biking and Camping Holidays

If you really want a mountain biking adventure, you won't forget in a hurry you could choose to go on a bike packing holiday. With the correct bags and equipment, you can plan out your routes and destinations and bike your way from destination to destination and make the most of all the best mountain biking trails in between.

Whilst you can partake in a mountain biking hobby almost anywhere in Europe and the world beyond, we have some fantastic mountain biking trails and options right here in the UK.

Wales, in particular, is a hotspot of mountain bike trails and has a strong camping and caravanning culture that makes it perfect for enjoying both of these hobbies and exploring some of this beautiful country that is right on our doorstep.