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Plan a Walking Holiday

So, you have decided to go for it and have a hobby holiday where you do a lot of walking and hiking. Where do you start with the planning? Well, this is the fun part, but it is also an essential process. Planning out your holiday can mean the difference between an enjoyable holiday and one where you end up feeling more stressed at the end than you did at the start! Luckily, it isn't too difficult to plan out. Here are some things to take into account.

Step One - Location

Plan Your Route
Plan Your Route

Step one is to decide where you want to go? Do you want a walking holiday in Britain where you see what we have available right here for you to see? Or, perhaps you want to take a walking trip in Europe where you can explore a new culture and environment. One thing is for sure, and you are spoilt for choice when choosing a walking location. There are so many sublimely beautiful places to hike throughout the world.

When choosing a location, consider things like the language, local laws and how comfortable you are taking a holiday where you are likely to be primarily self-sufficient. Spend a little time learning about the language and culture, and this will help you when asking for help or directions or trying to find somewhere to buy food or ask for help while out on your hike.

Choosing your location isn't all about the practicalities. How you feel about the area is just as important and what you want to see is something to take into account. If a hike in The Alps is on your bucket list, then you should plan your trip around that! Most hiking holidays are doable as long as you can plan ahead and have the equipment and fitness levels to do it.

Step Two - Plan Your Route Or Find Your Walks

Planning your route is essential if you are having a backpacking holiday where you hike from destination to destination. You need to ensure that you plan out your route carefully by making sure you know how many miles you can walk in a day and set yourself realistic walks and trails each day to ensure you have plenty of time to reach your destination and you don't get caught out at night. Along your way, you also need to stop for food and pick up any supplies you need. You will also want to ensure you have rests while out on your hikes and have stops at campsites that give you long enough to recover, relax and do any washing or supply shopping you need. Don't forget to include any stops at tourist destinations or your must-see sights and allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy them.

If you choose to drive between destinations or book a campsite base to travel from to go on plenty of hikes in the area, booking your routes is still essential. Choose the trails and walks you really want to include in your holiday and make those a priority. It would help if you still considered where you plan to stop for meals and a rest and plan out your hikes to ensure you can achieve them in the time you have before heading back to camp.

Step Three- Find And Book Your Campsites

Once you know where you will be walking and where your destinations will be, it's time to find your campsites. Luckily, this is the easy part. You can use our online campsite finder, where you can narrow down the campsites in your area and then filter these down to the camps with the facilities and amenities that are most important to you.

We would always recommend where possible that you book your campsites in advance. This ensures that no matter what the weather throws at you or what happens on your hike, you know you have somewhere to head to for a rest, have a hearty meal and get warm and dry at the end of the day.

Step Four - Check Out Laws, Regulations And Information You Might Need

At this point in your holiday planning, you are getting down to the nitty-gritty of the details. For most walking holidays, you won't find that there is too much to worry about. Still, when camping abroad, it is worth checking out the tourist board for your chosen destination for any information you might need regarding restrictions or regulations. It is also worth checking out any essential maintenance or work that might be carried out along your routes or in any of the tourist destinations you plan to head to. There is little more disappointing than turning up at your dream destination only to find it shut.

Please take a look at our travel advice page for information and also make sure you check out any official websites for your destination countries or areas too for up to date information you need to know regarding your travel plans.

Step Five - Get Your Camping And Walking Gear In Order

Now your holiday is planned, it's time to get your equipment in order. What you need to take will depend on your holiday. Make sure you have everything you need for your hikes and your camping stays. It's worth testing and checking that everything is in working order before you head out on holiday. Make yourself a list and check it off as you test and pack everything so that you don't forget anything important. While you are preparing your equipment, it is also worth making a note of any places either online or local to your holiday destination; you can pick up any gear you forget or that breaks while on holiday. We will talk about the equipment you might need in more detail below because this is such an essential part of planning your walking holiday.

Finding Your Campsites

Finding your campsites is the easiest part of the whole planning process. Wherever you go in Europe or the UK, we have many campsites for you to choose from. Take a look at your walking route and your hiking plans, and then books the campsites that are both nearby and easy for you to access. Just make sure that your campsites also include all the facilities and amenities important to you.

If you are looking for ideas, here are a few for you to consider.

Walking In France

The GR21 is a popular walking route. This hiking trail takes you through Normandy and takes in the coast, town, and countryside. Enjoy the chalk cliffs at the start in Le Havre and then head along the route where you pass through rich country and world heritage sites. Camping le Marqueval has both touring and static caravan pitches for you to stop at and is located near this popular walking trail. The campsite includes all the facilities you could want and offers plenty of walking and other outdoor activities for you during your stay.

For other campsites in France, look at our selection of our recommended campsites and holiday parks in France. All of these are perfect for walkers so that you can pick out the campsites perfect for your walking holiday

Walking In Spain

One of the more popular walking routes in Spain is the Ruta del Cares, which translates to The Cares Trail. It's a beautiful hike through some stunning scenery. You can take a walk here and stay in the Camping Cudillero, situated in Asturias, part of the region this walk is located in. Here, you can choose from touring caravan pitches or hiring a static caravan. This allows you to explore popular walking routes as well as the Costa Verde.

There are plenty of other options to choose from for a walking holiday in Spain. Just use our online campsite finder and narrow down your campsites by region and facility.

Hiking In The UK

If you would like to stay a little closer to home, then there are plenty of attractive options for hiking holidays to choose from, right here in the UK. You can walk the entire length of Offa's Dyke, which takes you through much of Wales' best scenic spots or take walking trips in the many hills and mountain ranges we have right here. Llanberis Touring Park is perfect for hiking the stunning mountain ranges of Snowdonia. Hook up your touring caravan and make your way to this remote part of the world. There are so many walking opportunities right on the campsite's doorstep, but in North Wales, you are spoilt for choice if you want to head out a little further and explore different walks. You can even stay in several campsites and explore as much of this area as possible while on holiday. Don't forget to explore the options available in the rest of the UK too! We are lucky to have so many options for both camping and walking in Scotland and England too. So, make sure you spend some time here and make the most of this beautiful country.