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Camping & Cycling Equipment

Essential Camping Equipment You Need When On A Cycling or Mountain Biking Holiday

When you pair camping and mountain biking together, this means one thing, you need a lot of equipment! In addition to your bike, your equipment and your clothing, you need to make sure you have the right camping gear with you too.

The equipment you take will very much depend on how you plan to bike, sleep and travel, but here are a few of the basics.

Your Tent Or Somewhere To Stay And All The Gear That Goes With It

Cycling Equipment for a Camping Holiday
Cycling Equipment for a Camping Holiday

When choosing a camping holiday, you still have a lot of options to consider. Did you want to take your tent and pitch up nearby your mountain bike course? Or, maybe you prefer to take a touring caravan or motorhome and book into a campsite with serviced pitches. You could also choose to find a nearby static caravan park and hire yourself a caravan holiday home for a few days.

Which choice you make makes a difference to the equipment you need. If you are tenting, you need to remember your groundsheets, bedding, sleeping bags, guy ropes, tent pegs, poles, mallet and cooking equipment.

Things become a little easier if you stay in a caravan as much of the living equipment you need should already be included. When hiring a static caravan, make sure you check the equipment included. Many sites will not include bedding and towels, although they will usually include cooking equipment.

Comfort And Entertainment

Spending your day's mountain biking means that you will need a little comfort at the end of the day. You are likely to be sore, and relaxing and recovery are as important as the days you spend out on your bike. So make sure you have folding chairs, cushions and blankets for the evenings to keep yourself warm and comfortable while you relax.

While packing up your evening comforts, don't forget to take plenty of lighting options and any card games, books or entertainment you might want in the evenings.

Cooking Equipment

When you come back to camp from a day of mountain biking, then easy meals and methods to cook with will be necessary. It would help if you eat plenty when spending your days outdoors and exercising. So don't forget to pack any camping stoves, bbq's, pots, pans and cooking utensils you need.

Cleaning And Hygiene Equipment

Wet wipes and anti-bacterial wipes are a must on any camping holiday. They are handy to have around, and you can pop them in your bag and take them with you too. They have many uses and can help keep you and your campsite hygienic while on your mountain biking holiday.

If you are staying in a tent, you will also need to consider washing up bowls, water bottles, and dish detergents to wash up after cooking and eating.

Staying Warm And Dry

One of the biggest challenges for people when mountain biking and camping is keeping warm and dry. With plenty of blankets, changes of clothes and towels, you should be fine. It would be best if you took enough to have a set drying while wearing a dry set.

You can also take heat packs and thermal clothing to help, and don't forget your umbrellas for relaxing around the campsite.

Other Essentials

The list may seem endless, but most camping equipment is reusable and recyclable. Once you have everything you need, then it should last you for years. In addition to the obvious for somewhere to stay, keeping warm and cooking, you may also want to consider investing in a solar panel phone charger. When mountain biking and camping, your phone can act as everything from your emergency contacts to your GPS for directions when you need. However, this shouldn't be thought of as a replacement for skills with a map and compass.

You also need to take safety equipment such as torches, thermal blankets and first aid kits.

Essential Mountain Biking Equipment

Alongside your camping equipment, when you are heading out on a mountain biking and camping holiday, you need to ensure you have all of your mountain biking equipment too. This may seem like a lot, but as long as you pack well, it's incredible how much you can fit into the boot of your car. Things do get a little more complicated when it comes to a bike packing holiday, and you have to decide on what is really essential and what you need to take and whether or not it will fit onto your bike.

Your Bike And Repair Equipment

It might seem obvious, but your bike is essential! Ensure you have done any necessary maintenance and checked the bike over before you head out to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Along with your bike, you need to take all the standard equipment you would take, including spare inner tubes, patch kits, pumps and repair kits. Patch kits also double up as an emergency repair for a damaged tent. 

You may need to pack two types of repair kit, and you will need one to take out on your bike ride and have a second larger kit that you keep back at the tent or caravan where you can carry out any maintenance and repairs at the end of the day when you head back home. You will also need to take your mountain bike cleaning equipment to ensure the bike is properly maintained while you are away. Don't forget to pack bike tools and a good multitool too to prepare for every eventuality.

Safety And Comfort

In your day bag, make sure you take everything you need, including snacks and water but also it's worth packing some moisturiser, lip balm and sunscreen to protect your skin from windburn and the sun while you are out all day.

In your bag, you will also need to take some rain precaution with you, such as poncho and shelters, so you can stop and take a break if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

When mountain biking, a basic first aid kit is a must; besides the usual first aid equipment, you need to make sure you have some thermal blankets, extra bandages and equipment for abrasions and cuts. While we are on the subject of safety, it is worth mentioning that GPS and a phone with a spare battery or battery pack can also be a lifesaver if you need to find your way to help quickly or need to call for help if you or your friends get stuck in need of help.

One thing you will need is plenty of snacks and water. Invest in a good hydration tank and make sure you pack plenty of high protein snack bars, some balanced sports bars and any snacks that are easy to eat while on the go to keep your energy up.

Bike Clothing

Ensuring you have appropriate clothing for mountain biking can make a huge difference in your comfort and safety. Invest in some suitable mountain biking clothing, a good quality safety helmet and pads and some gloves and warm outerwear to keep you warm and dry while out on your bike.