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Five brilliant camping destinations for your Christmas and New Year getaway

Despite winter’s frosty return just around the corner, you shouldn’t be thinking about quiet nights with your feet up in front of the TV and fire blazing.

Yes, the Christmas films will soon be doing the rounds and there’s much to plan and get excited for over the festive period. However, this time of year is perfect for a camping retreat both home and abroad. 

Whether you’re into winter sports such as skiing, ice climbing and rambling, or would prefer wrapping up warm for a guided tour of beautiful scenery and culture, winter camping offers a wealth of opportunities. 

What’s more, there are some amazing destinations to visit all over Europe. Let’s take a look at five regions perfect for your Christmas and New Year camping this winter. 

The Alps

The Alps have and always will be a superb location for winter campers, simply because there’s so much to see and do. There is a wealth of activities to take on, whether you’re an adrenaline junky or would prefer a relaxing vacation in the midst of beauty. 


This beautiful region of Southern France lies next to the Pyrenees Mountains, with the capital of Toulouse popular with tourists. From the incredible scenic walks to activities for the whole family, Midi-Pyrénées offers a number of superb campsites catering to your every need.

Austrian Ski Slopes

Austria is incredibly popular with campers throughout the year, but it’s the winter season when the country’s tourism really kicks off. Austria is famous for its scenic views and stunning ski slopes – A great escape from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas and New Year period.  

Lake Garda

This famous region of North Italy is home to the country’s largest lake, enjoying beautiful natural scenery that offers the perfect escape over the winter period. Surrounded by stunning hills and mountains, whilst in close proximity to both Brescia and Verona, Lake Garda is an ideal location for your next camping trip. 


What better way to explore the culture of Germany, than in the heart of the Bavarian region? Bavaria borders three countries, is close to the Alps, the city of Munich and offers much to see and do. Give Bavaria your time this winter and you won’t go wrong. 

Where do you like camping in the winter season? Have any secrets for those looking to get away over Christmas and New Year? Please leave your comments and any thoughts below.