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Take your caravan or motorhome on the slow route to North-East Spain background image

Take your caravan or motorhome on the slow route to North-East Spain

An Alan Rogers suggested route

We're often asked for suggested routes, and the way to Spain is one which crops up regularly. With this in mind, we've asked our campsite assessors to come up with their suggested route through France to the Catalan border. The following course assumes that you have already had a long journey to the Port of Dover or the Eurotunnel.

Day 0 - Calais/Coquelles to Escalles (23km/14m)

Exit the port on the N216 or follow the signs from the Eurotunnel and join the A16 south towards Boulogne. There is no toll in this section. For an overnight stop, exit at junction 40. Join the D243 westbound and pass through the village of Peuplingues. After the Escalles village sign, take the second turning on the left. Turn left at the green cycle route No.4 sign (to Wissant) on your left. The entrance to Camping les Erables (also known as Camping Maples) is then 400 m. on the left.

Day 1 - Escalles to Bonneval (371km/230m)

French Toll Booth
French Toll Booth

Retrace your route to join the A16 and continue south towards Boulogne. After junction 29 the toll starts. At junction 23 keep right to join A28 towards Rouen. There is no easy way through Rouen, and at weekends it can be very congested, so be patient. Continue on the A28 through the tunnels, following signs for Le Mans. After the 2nd, shorter tunnel, keep right as you cross the Seine, signposted Rive Gauche. Just after the river take the exit for the D18E (Quai Rive Gauche) and follow the road back around under itself. Continue on D18E to follow Le Mans signs with the railway line on your right, pass through several traffic light junctions. At the 2nd roundabout, with the Buffalo Grill opposite, take the second exit onto D18E.

Follow signs to Le Mans to eventually join A13 at junction 22 (no toll at this stage) follow signs Evreux. To avoid motorway charges leave A13 at the intersection onto A154/N154 signed Evreux. Continue on N154, past Evreux, until the junction with N12. Take the N12 towards Dreux. At Dreux follow signs for Chartres on the D828, eventually re-joining the N154 south. At Chartres take an anticlockwise route around the town on N1154 & N123. Leave at the D910/N10 exit, signposted for Tours/Blois. Continue on D910/N10 to Bonneval. For an overnight stop follow the sign to Bonneval and turn left at the crossroads in the centre of town, signposted camping (Dir. Orleans.) Join D27 then fork right onto D144 then right again onto C1. Camping du Bois Chievre is then on the right just after the swimming pool.

Day 2 - Bonneval to Chateauroux (211km/131m)

Toutes Directions - Google street view
Toutes Directions

To return to N10, retrace your route to the centre of town, following the Toutes Directions sign at the main square. Turn left onto the N10 and continue to Vendome. Leave the N10 at Vendome, using the next junction after you cross the two branches of the River Loir, following signs to Vendome Z. I. Sud and join the D957 to Blois. At Blois, cross the A10 and take the 2nd exit to stay on the D957, entering the D956 towards Chateauxroux. Stay on the D956 past Contres, Selles-sur-Cher, Valencay and Levroux. For an overnight stop in Chateauroux, head to City Centre and pick up signs for Camping Le Rochat-Belle-Isle which is well signed. Signs for ‘Halls Exposition’ also take you to a recreational area where the site is next left after the municipal pool. Days 2 & 3 could be combined for a journey of 373km/232m

Day 3 - Chateauroux to Saint Germain Les Belles (162km/100m)

Retrace your route and join the A20 south at Junction 13 towards Limoges.  For an overnight stop, just south of Limoges, exit the A20 at junction 41, following signs for Magnac-Bourg. Join the D31 when you see signs for Saint Germain Les Belles and follow the signs to the lakeside camping at Camping de Montréal.

Day 4 - Saint Germain Les Belles to Carcassonne (349km/216m)

Take the D7B to return to A20 at junction 42 and continue south to junction 68. Now join A62 south towards Toulouse. Here (at junction 15) it changes to become the A61. Continue on A61 towards Carcassonne junction 24. For an overnight stop, Join the N113 and pick up signs for La Cité. The site Camping de la Cité is well signed. Do not arrive between 12.00 & 14.00.

Day 5 - Carcassonne to Sant Pere Pescador (189km/117m)

Entering Spain at La Jonquera border crossing
Leaving the French A9 autoroute and entering the Spanish Autopista AP-7 at the Els Límits/La Jonquera border crossing during the long drive to the annual holiday destination Roses.
Entering Spain at La Jonquera border crossing

Avoid the toll by taking D6113 towards Narbonne. From here you have the option of A9 toll road or D6009 which will take you to the Spanish border. For a first night in Spain (or even a more extended stay!) exit the E15 at Figueres (Junction 3) and join the N-11 south. Join the C-260, signposted to Roses, exit the C-260 at the 5th roundabout, taking the 2nd exit towards Sant Pere Pescador, joining the GIV-6216. Follow signs for Camping Las Dunas.

Suggested Route

A suggested route through France, to Spain, for Caravans or Motorhomes

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