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5 Reasons To Choose A Camping Holiday In The UK background image

5 Reasons To Choose A Camping Holiday In The UK

5 Reasons To Choose A Camping Holiday In The UK

In recent weeks and months the world has seen a dramatic shift and with changes to how we live and travel likely to be in place for some time to come it is only natural that people are now considering how to get the most out of their time while still staying a little closer to home. This has never been more important than when it comes to choosing a great holiday, and there is no reason not to start planning a camping holiday in the UK, especially if you are considering camping.

Luckily with such a beautiful country full of great tourism opportunities, there has never been a shortage of great places to visit and things to see and do, and we can all make the most of this amazing country and all it has to offer for our holidays. 

Camping has long been a firm favourite as a holiday choice among families and people who love the relaxing holidays that camping gives them. Not only is it a fab way to explore different areas but camping offers a fantastic and affordable holiday solution both for a holiday in one of the many beauty spots in the UK and further afield.

People often talk of the treasured memories they have of past holidays in campsites and the enjoyable experiences they had as children and continue to make more memories by continuing to have camping holidays with their families and friends. For just a few of our favourite family camping sites take a look at our blog on this very subject.

If you are looking for reasons to choose a camping holiday in the UK this year, then look no further. Here is a selection of the top reasons to go camping in the UK

1. Camping Is A Great Way To Relax

Relax while camping
Relax while camping

There is nothing quite like a camping holiday to relax and recuperate. It’s great for your health, with plenty of opportunities for mindfulness and to destress as well as some great walking and exercise choices.

Camping is an excellent opportunity to do absolutely nothing if you want to! You can pitch your tent or your caravan, grab your food supplies and then relax. Read a book or two, have a snooze or take the time to enjoy the relaxing environment with no outside pressure to meet a deadline, eat at a particular time or any of the other demands of modern life that cause increased stress and strain.

If doing nothing isn’t your relaxing style, then camping still has much to offer. Just pick your favourite way to relax and make the most of the time, you have to enjoy your hobbies. You can select a location to camp with all kinds of activities and sports to try or take part in. Great Britain is a country full of exciting sports and activities including climbing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, hiking, horse riding and so many more activities and there is no better way to get close to all of these than with a camping trip.

Our campsites are great for walking holidays, fishing excursions, golfing holidays and more.

2. Your Kids Will Love It

Camping is good for kids
Camping is good for kids

There is no doubt about it; kids absolutely love camping and all it entails. It’s a fantastic adventure for them right from the moment you start packing the tent with all your camping gear until the very end when it comes the time to go home.

Camping is one of those rare activities we have available that allows children the freedom to explore and enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer, making memories and having adventures in the many beautiful and interesting places in the UK. Not only are they having a fab time, but they are learning some essential skills and self-sufficiency for their future too!

Check out our campsites that are great for kids.

3. It is Affordable

Camping is affordable
Camping is affordable

Low-cost holiday opportunities are rare, but with camping, you can make an investment in not just your upcoming holiday but many holidays, short breaks and trips for years to come. You need to buy or hire the equipment required, and it is surprising just how much you need! For camping furniture, take a look at our pick of the best options here.

Camping proves to be a great low-cost way to holiday. Most of the cost of camping is upfront, and once you have your camping gear, you can holiday again and again for years with just the costs of your pitch and anything you need during the week to worry about.

Camping is a much cheaper and cost-effective solution than spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year on holiday. When you start to add it up, you can see why it is such a fantastic choice for family holidays.

4. Its Dog friendly

Camping is dog friendly
Camping is dog friendly

As a nation of people who love our pets, especially our canine best friends, what to do with the dog when you want to go on holiday can be a tough choice.

Our extensive network of pet-friendly campsites means you don’t need to choose. You can find yourself a dog-friendly campground and take the pooch with you! They are part of the family too, and most dogs love the freedom that a camping experience gives the whole family. Everyone, including the dog, gets to experience long walks through beautiful countryside and to spend a lot of quality time together in the natural world.

5. There Is So Much To Explore In The UK

Explore the UK
Explore the UK

We are lucky and live in a beautiful country that is rich in diverse landscapes, scenery, coastlines, culture and history and more. A camping holiday is a perfect way to explore some of the fantastic places we have right here in the UK without any reason to go further afield. Whatever your interests, hobbies or preferred holiday type there is a campsite and area of the UK perfect for you.

Explore the Visit Britain website for more information on holidaying in the UK. It’s packed full of helpful advice and information, and when it comes to looking for your campsite, then we have a great selection of online bookable campsites to help you narrow down your choices and find the campsite perfect for your next holiday.

You can holiday year after year and still not manage to see it all, and if you find a favourite camping spot, there is no reason not to keep going back for more.