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What Do You Need to Prepare for a Kayak Camping Trip background image

What Do You Need to Prepare for a Kayak Camping Trip

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Planning and preparing for your camping trip is essential to ensure that you enjoy and make the most out of it. Since it’s an outdoor adventure, you have certain things to consider and prepare to make everything work efficiently. One of the most adventurous trips most people try is Kayak camping.

In this kind of camping, it’s also like a backpacking trip where you have to bring all the normal essential camping gear, but you have limited space available. You need to know how much time you’re going to spend on the water to choose the vital things you’re going to bring with you.


First things first, your top priority during your camping is a roof over your head. It is important to choose the ideal tent for kayak camping that is light and can accommodate your needs during night time. A tent provides complete protection against sun, wind, and rain so you can still rest and sleep at ease.


Since you’re preparing for kayak camping, you’ll need a kayak to complete your outdoor camping experience. Kayak has different shapes and sizes. Choosing the appropriate kayak that will suit you is essential to ensure your safety on the water. The wider the kayak, the more stable and safe to use, but it is slower than the narrow and long type.


As part of your kayak camping, you must include all the essential kayak accessories in your checklists, such as paddles, life jacket (PFD), a basic repair tool kit for your boat, rescue signal, and many more. All of these will help you keep safe while on the water. Bring the things that are portable and as much as possible waterproof to use efficiently.



A knife is considered a primary life-saving tool, especially in an event outdoors, like camping. It can be flexible to use in many situations, particularly for emergency conditions. There can be an incident where you might be trapped and have to cut yourself away from your kayak; that’s why securing a paddling knife is also a priority on your checklist. Ensure to get a titanium type of blade so that it won’t rust easily.


Whether long or short trips, you should always carry a basic first aid kit. It should consist of bandages, gauze, and several medications. You never know when emergencies might occur, that is why it is better to be prepared all the time. In a kayak camping, it is recommended to bring a waterproof first aid kit so it will be secured while you’re on the water.


During camping or backpacking, you need a device that will help you in navigating directions. GPS navigation is the most common tool nowadays, but during kayak camping, it might not be helpful due to weak signals. A kayak deck compass is an accurate and reliable tool, especially for long paddling. There are various mounting options for water compasses. Ensure to mount it where it offers extreme versatility. Dash and Flush mount type don’t work well for kayaks. Most campers use bulkhead mount because of their durability.


Nowadays, people tend to bring a lot of gadgets when going on any trips. In kayak camping, it is essential to include a durable and completely waterproof dry bag on your checklist to properly secure all your gadgets and valuables from getting wet or too much sun exposure. When using dry bags, ensure to lock it properly with enough air inside so that even if it gets separated from your kayak, it will still float. Dry bags have different sizes that can accommodate your stuff, depending on your preference.


Wearing the proper gear and clothing for kayaking is important for your comfort. It may vary depending on the condition, whether in and out of the water. Always remember to dress for the water and not for the weather. You can check the water temperature before paddling out to decide whether you would wear a dry suit or wet suit. Choose a synthetic type over cotton for a more comfortable outfit. Being out on the water, you’re surely exposed to sunlight. You should not forget to use sunscreen.

Kayak camping is one of the most exciting trips that most families do once in a while. Although preparing for a trip like this is quite stressful, the whole experience will pay off after the peaceful ambience it provides.

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