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Most Beautiful Villages in Limousin

Limousin’s idyllic pastoral landscape, its honey coloured hamlets and glittering lakes belie its past, one of fierce battles and sieges. Its countryside expresses an ‘off the beaten track’ feel – deciduous forests give way to grazing lands, uplands form the north western edge of the Massif Central, and the River Dordogne cuts through the south west, which is peppered with small villages.

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By Pline - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
Collonges-la-Rouge [📸 Pline]


With its red-sandstone houses and pepper-pot towers, Collongesla- Rouge is the epitome of rustic charm. Despite its size, it is popular with tourists and is well worth visiting early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the crowds. Some 5 miles east of Turenne and surrounded by insulating green countryside dotted with chestnut and walnut trees, you will be thrown back in time as you stroll through its streets.

Curemonte [📸]
Curemonte [📸]


Known as the ‘village of three’ because of its three churches, three castles, three calvaries and three fountains, Curemonte rests in a peaceful, green valley alongside a rocky hillside. Although touristy, unlike many of its neighbours it doesn’t have a whole host of gift shops and cafés and has kept its antiquity relatively unspoilt.

By Calips - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
Saint-Robert [📸 Calips]


Featured in the TV adaptation of “Des gives aux loups” by French novelist Claude Michelet, this medieval Corrèze village, with its narrow streets, fortified doors and old stone houses will transport you back in time. Perched on a hill on the Limousin/PОrigord border, this pretty village hosts classical music festival ‘L’Eté Musical de Saint-Robert’ which showcases chamber music, vocal and world music.

By Calips - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
Ségur-le-Château [📸 Calips]


Former “safe place” of the first Viscounts of Limoges who came to the village to construct their fortresses, this picturesque village has a very rich heritage. In the past it was home to many families of notable public figures who left their mark. The Auvézère weaves in and out of the village and its imposing 12th century hilltop castle overlooks the rooftops.

By grassrootsgroundswell - Turenne, Correze, CC BY 2.0
Turenne [📸 grassrootsgroundswell]


Turenne and the surrounding area formally had complete autonomy from the rest of France, raising taxes, coining their own money and ennobling individuals. The state was at its largest throughout the 1400s and covered the major fortified cities of Argentat, Servières, Beaulieu, Gagnac, Martel and Saint-CОrО. Turenne was sold to King Louis XV in 1738 and consequently the quasi-independent state ceased its autonomy. Its narrow streets and historic buildings, including its majestic castle with 14th century keep and 13th century watchtower, offer a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

Treignac [📸]
Treignac [📸]


This is a small village with a lot of history. Sitting peacefully on the banks of the Vezere River, one of the pilgrimage routes of the Santiago de Compostella passes through the village. It was notably pillaged during the Hundred Year War and later during the Wars of Religion in the 16th century. Despite this rocky past, much of its medieval heritage has been preserved through careful rebuilding and conservation.


By Nitot, CC BY-SA 3.0
Mortemart [📸 Nitot]


A small town about 15km south of Bellac, Mortemart is full of remarkable architectural gems. Home to just 120 permanent residents, its lush surroundings make for good hiking trails. Traces of its past can be found dotted throughout the town including the remains of the dikes of Mortemart’s château, two former convents and the 16th century timber-framed covered market hall.

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