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AR Guide to: Accessible Travel

Travel advice for those who are less-abled

We firmly believe that travel should be accessible to everyone. It's a wonderful thing, to explore a place, to journey somewhere new, to instil a sense of adventure in the little ones, to discover new cultures, to learn, to experience, to stimulate. 

But for some, travel can be challenging. 

We've compiled a guide to accessible travel within Europe, giving each country a rating out of five. We look at accessibility of public buildings and services, transport, street movement, attractions and rural travel, as well as government attitudes towards improvement and legal provisions that protect vulnerable people.


Overall score
This is our overall rating (out of five) taking into account our five-point test.

Overall description
Summarises the accessibility situation.

Government attitudes: Is the government making reasonable efforts to improve accessibility, opportunities and awareness?

Legal provisions: does the country have equality and anti-discrimination laws in place?

Five-point criteria

We've put together a five-point criteria to score each country based on its ability to adapt and improve in five key areas.

Public buildings & services: government buildings, libraries, tourist offices, embassies, schools, national museums and galleries, travel hubs, post offices, religious buildings, police stations, hospitals etc.

Transport: buses, taxis, trains, trams and metro, boat services etc. Disabled car parking spaces and road parking.

Street movement: public spaces, pavements and pedestrianised areas. Street furniture such as benches, planters, market stalls and booths. Geography of the area. Tactile paving, dropped kerbs, level access etc.

Attractions: theme parks, swimming pools and water parks, castles, palaces and historic attractions, natural and outdoor attractions, museums and galleries, zoos etc.

Rural travel: access to out-of-city areas, amenities in isolated regions, travel links etc.

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