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Say hello to Karla...

Karla has first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of accessible (or not so accessible) camping and caravanning. We asked her for her top accessible tips....

Karla has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a condition characterised by weak muscles and problems with movement. She lives on the south coast of England with her partner, Stephen. They both have a passion for travel and being outdoors, so when they got their first caravan in 2017, it was one of the best decisions they ever made!

Best experience?

Our favourite type of caravan trip is one that is full of adventure, whether that’s driving up a mountain road in Scotland, looking down over Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or camping on the banks of the River Rhine in Germany.

It’s virtually impossible to pinpoint just one experience that has been the best, but our month-long tour of the Outer Hebrides is definitely up there! During our time there we experienced a culture unlike any other, saw wild otters, seals and eagles, and camped off-grid on the edge of a paper-white sandy beach. Saying “It was a memorable trip” would be an understatement!

Since getting (and adapting) our caravan, we’ve seen hundreds of new places, done so many new things and met some really interesting people along the way - and having a caravan that is modified to suit my needs means

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Tips & advice

We find that keeping the caravan pre-packed with as much as safely possible really helps when setting off on a trip. Having things like toiletries, bedding and kitchen utensils in there already, means there is less to pack - and less to forget! But for the items that need to be packed each time, keeping a list will help things go much smoother.

Another useful list to keep is “things to do” in the area you’re visiting. We like our trips to be spontaneous, but doing a little research beforehand is never a bad idea.

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Try to avoid...

No matter how well you’ve organised a trip, there’s always the possibility for something to go wrong. So far on our travels we’ve encountered a broken caravan water pump, a severe fault with my wheelchair, and becoming unwell 700 miles from home (not all at the same time, thankfully!). Although these situations are less than ideal, we managed to muddle through them, which is the case for most issues that can arise. It’s easy for your first response to be one of panic, but in these situations it’s important to stay calm and find a sensible solution, because, more often than not, there is one!

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Join Karla and Stephen on their travels

Karla is very active on social media and regularly posts blogs on her website. Stay up to date by visiting or following her at:


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