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Campsites accepting American Motorhomes or 5th Wheelers

2665 campsites in American Motor Homes

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Camping Bravoplaya

Camping Bravoplaya is a very large site divided into two by a quiet road, with a reception on each side with friendly, helpful staff. There...

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Camping Le Champ Neuf

Le Champ Neuf is located in Saint Quentin-en-Tourmont on the Bay of the Somme. It is a quiet site, 900 m. from the ornithological reserve...

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Camping Sandaya l’Orée du Bois

L’Orée du Bois has about 400 pitches of about 100 sq.m. in a very spacious, pinewood setting. There are 110 for touring units, mainly scattered...

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Camping le Pavillon Royal

Le Pavillon Royal has an excellent situation on raised ground overlooking the sea (100 m. from the beach), with good views along the coast to...

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Camping Sandaya la Ribeyre

At the heart of the Auvergne, only 35 km to the South of Clermont-Ferrand and 12 km from Besse St. Anastaise, the friendly Pommier family...

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Camping le Capeyrou

Le Capeyrou is an excellent and very well maintained site. It is situated by the River Dordogne, within easy walking distance of the picturesque château...

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Applewood Countryside Park

Whether you're looking to explore Norfolk’s many historic sights and lively market towns, set out for an adventure to take in the beautiful countryside and...

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Castel Camping la Forge de Sainte Marie

This attractive campsite in a secluded valley is accessed through a narrow arched gateway. It was created in 1995 by careful conservation of original forge...

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Camping Sandaya Paris Maisons-Laffitte

Occupying a grassy, tree-covered area on the banks of the Seine, Camping Sandaya Paris Maisons-Laffitte is a popular and well-maintained site. The reception staff are...

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Yelloh! Village Turiscampo Algarve

Included in our guides:

2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

Yelloh! Village Turiscampo is an outstanding site run by the friendly Coll family. The site provides 240 pitches for touring units, mainly in rows of...

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Sites et Paysages Au Clos de la Chaume

Sites et Paysages Camping Au Clos de la Chaume is a pleasant site within walking distance of the town, on level ground with a small...

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Camping Ribamar

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2023, 2022, 2020, 2019

Camping Ribamar lies to the north of Alcossebre, tucked away within the National Park of the Sierra de Irta, a magnificent landscape of intense colours...

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El Molino de Mendigorria

Included in our guides:

2023, 2020, 2018

This is an extensive site set by an attractive weir near the town of Mendigorria alongside the River Arga. It takes its name from an...

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Vilanova Park

Sitting on the terrace in front of the restaurant – a beautifully converted Catalan farmhouse dating from 1908 – it is difficult to believe that...

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Camping Sandaya Belle Plage

The Camping Belle Plage is situated with direct access to a clean, sheltered, sandy beach on the perennially popular Morbihan peninsula. There are 79 grassy...

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Camping les Embruns

This site is unusual in that it is located in the heart of a village, yet is only 250 metres from a sandy cove. The...

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Camping les Grottes de Roffy

About 6 km. east of Sarlat, les Grottes de Roffy is a pleasantly laid out, family site. There are 140 marked pitches, some very large...

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Camping Sandaya Château des Marais

The Château des Marais campsite is a good base for visiting the château at Chambord and the other châteaux in the Vallée des Rois. The...

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Camping Aquarius

This is a welcoming and organised family site approached by an attractive road flanked by orchards. Aquarius has direct access to a quiet, sandy beach...

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Camping Sandaya Escale Saint-Gilles

Camping Sandaya Escale Saint-Gilles is a large, busy holiday-style campsite with 419 pitches but only around 50 for touring units. Facing the Glénan Islands, it...

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About 5th Wheel Vehicles and American Motorhomes

The campsites listed on this page can accept American-style motorhomes or 5th-wheel vehicles. These vehicles need longer, wider pitches, with hardstandings capable of holding the extra weight of these oversized vehicles.

These sites may only have a couple of suitable pitches for these larger leisure vehicles, and you should contact the campsite in advance to ensure they can accommodate your vehicle. Please also note any height, width or weight restrictions on your final approach to the site; this can usually be found in the 'Directions' section of each campsite listing.

Popular 5th-wheel vehicles are made by Jayco, Gulfstream, Rockwood, Puma and the 5th Wheel Company in the UK. Winnebago, Thor and Forest River are all well-known manufacturers of American-style motorhomes.

What are the advantages of 5th Wheel Vehicles and American Motorhomes

5th-wheel vehicles and American motorhomes are popular choices for those who enjoy travelling and exploring the outdoors. Here are some advantages of each:

Advantages of 5th-Wheel Vehicles:

  1. Spacious living: Fifth wheels have a unique design that allows for a spacious living area. They typically have high ceilings and slide-out rooms that increase the interior space when parked.
  2. Easy towing: With experience, fifth-wheel trailers can be easier to tow than travel trailers because they are designed to be hitched to the bed of the pickup truck. This also provides better manoeuvrability while driving.
  3. Stability: The unique design of fifth wheels allows for a more stable towing experience, with the weight of the trailer resting over the truck's rear axle.
  4. Durability: Fifth wheels are built with sturdy materials, making them durable and able to withstand harsh road conditions.

Advantages of American Motorhomes:

  1. All-in-one travel: American motorhomes provide an all-in-one travel experience as they combine a living space, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all in one vehicle.
  2. Comfortable driving: Motorhomes are built on a truck or bus chassis, which provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience. It can also be easier to adjust to a motorhome's size and weight when driving.
  3. Self-contained: Most American motorhomes come with onboard water tanks, holding tanks, and generators, which allow travellers to camp without the need for hookups.
  4. Customizable: American motorhomes can be customized to meet individual needs, with options for floor plans, amenities, and features.

Both 5th-wheel trailers and American motorhomes have their own unique advantages, and the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and travel needs.

What are the disadvantages of 5th Wheel Vehicles and American Motorhomes

There are several disadvantages to using American-style motorhomes or 5th wheelers when camping in Europe and the UK, including:

Disadvantages of 5th Wheel Vehicles and American Motorhomes

  1. Size: American-style motorhomes and 5th wheelers are generally larger than European-style motorhomes, which can make them difficult to manoeuvre on narrow roads and tight campsites. This can be especially problematic in the UK, where many roads and campsites are not designed for larger vehicles.
  2. Fuel efficiency: American-style motorhomes and 5th wheelers tend to be less fuel efficient than European-style motorhomes, which can be a significant disadvantage in countries where fuel prices are high.
  3. Electrical systems: American-style motorhomes and 5th wheelers often use a different electrical system than what is used in Europe and the UK. This can make it difficult to find compatible outlets and adapters and can also increase the risk of electrical problems.
  4. Parking restrictions: Many cities and towns in Europe and the UK have strict parking restrictions that make it difficult to park larger vehicles. This can limit where you can travel and may require you to find alternative transportation to explore certain areas.
  5. Availability of parts and service: If your American-style motorhome or 5th wheeler requires repairs or maintenance while travelling in Europe or the UK, you may have difficulty finding parts and service providers that are familiar with your specific vehicle. This can lead to delays and added expense.