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A Solo Motorhome Trip to France at 64 background image

A Solo Motorhome Trip to France at 64

Facing Fears and Embracing the Unknown

21 August 2023
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Siobhan and Dora the Explora
Siobhan and Dora the Explora

I've got a story to share that's been a long time coming. It's about stepping out of my comfort zone, dealing with uncertainties, and taking on a challenge I've been putting off. Yep, at 64, I finally hopped into my motorhome, named Dora the Explora, and crossed the Channel to explore France.

Facing Fears and Embracing the Unknown

The fear of driving on the "wrong" side of the road had kept me from making this trip. But as someone who encourages others to break barriers, it was time I walked the talk. So, with a mix of determination and nerves, off I went.

For the last four years, I've been roaming around the UK and Ireland, encouraging women to face their fears and create their own adventures. Now, it was my turn to show that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing dreams.

Making it happen

Usually, I'm all about winging it, but a bit of planning was in order for this trip. The Caravan and Motorhome Club was a big help – they sorted out my ferry bookings from Dover to Calais, and I also got insurance and breakdown cover through them.

The Campsites

I planned to ease into it with a ten-day trip to Normandy. I used the Alan Rogers Campsite Guides, an excellent resource for campsite info. They even have a QR code to scan for even more details about the campsites.

Guines - Pas-de-Calais

First up, Camping la Bien-Assise near Guines. It was close to Calais, making it a good starting point. I booked two nights to get my bearings and one night for the return leg.

Castel Camping La Bien Assise

Le Castel Camping de La Bien-Assise is a mature and well-developed campsite on the grounds of a country house dating back to the 1500s. There...

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Saint Quentin-en-Tourmont - Somme

Next, I found Camping Le Champ Neuf in Saint Quentin-en-Tourmont in Picardy. It looked quiet and was pretty close to my last stop. I stayed there for three nights, exploring the Baie de Somme on my bike.

Camping Le Champ Neuf

Le Champ Neuf is located in Saint Quentin-en-Tourmont on the Bay of the Somme. It is a quiet site, 900 m. from the ornithological reserve...

View Details
Pourville-sur-Mer - Seine-Maritime

Lastly, I settled on Camping le Marqueval near Pourville-sur-Mer. Four nights of coastal relaxation sounded just right.

Camping le Marqueval

Le Marqueval is a well established, lively, family site of 284 pitches (including 60 mobile homes), located close to the seaside town of Hautot-sur-Mer, just...

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Perfect Preparation

Alan Rogers Campsite Guide
My trusty Alan Rogers Guide

Before hitting the road, I ensured I had all the essentials for the European adventure. Alan Rogers had great tips for a first-time visit to France, so I got a UK sticker for my van, spare headlight bulbs, headlight refractors, and the essentials like a high-vis jacket and warning triangle. Because I have a bike rack, I ordered a square panel with red and white diagonal reflective stripes to fix onto the bike rack cover, another legal requirement on the continent.

I also had my travel documents in order – passport, driving license, motorhome ownership papers, and insurance. I also got a Crit'Air sticker even though I was not going to any low-emission Zones; I thought that just in case I got lost and drove through one by mistake, I would get one to pop in my windscreen.

Last minute nerves

As I picked up my Euros, the excitement and nerves hit me. The guy at the post office asked where I was off to, and I proudly said, "Taking my motorhome to France for ten days on my own!" The anticipation was real, and I was eager to hit French soil.

In my next post, I'll give you the real deal on how things went – the good, the not-so-good, and everything in between. Stay tuned for my solo motorhome adventure across the Channel!