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9 Reasons to Love Camping in France

France is a great country to visit which is why it makes such a perfect place to go on holiday

8 July 2020
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The culture, food, people and history are just some of the reasons that so many tourists flock to this beautiful country for their holiday each year. And with so much to see and do, it is easy to see why.  

France is a fab country to choose for your next camping holiday. Well known for its camping friendly culture, magnificent scenery and easy to find local food there are many reasons to pick camping in France for your next holiday. 

Lavender fields in Provence

1. The price

Price is often one of the first reasons people choose for getting into camping holidays only to find that they love it and keep camping long after cost has stopped being an issue. 

It is plain to see why you would choose camping as a cost-effective holiday choice. Once you have the camping gear, you can take an inexpensive holiday year after year. Luckily, a cheap holiday doesn’t have to feel inferior, especially in France.

France has some fantastic campsites that offer you the best in a camping experience. Spend a little time choosing your campsite carefully, and you can have a campsite with all the amenities that are important to make your holiday enjoyable, and you can spend some time in a beautiful country soaking up the local culture.

Ideal for family holidays

2. The weather

French summers in the South are legendary. They can be long and glorious with days and days of hot sunshine that make it the ideal destination for sun-seekers and those who love warm holidays. So, pack up your camping gear and head to a campsite in Southern France to make the most of lazy days on warm beaches and sunny hikes through fabulous countryside and scenery. 




3. The campsite atmosphere

France has a lot of great campsites, and in general, the French have a great love and passion for the outdoors and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. This might explain why there are so many campsites in France. You can search by location, amenities and facilities from our main search page and discover the best campsites in France.

You can mix with locals who have chosen to holiday in their home country. Or with people from all over the world who have picked France for their camping trip. A great chance to learn about new cultures and find friends for life from across the globe.

Camp du Domaine, Côte d’Azur (FR83120)

4. The attractions 

France is a fascinating country with a lot of things to do. No matter what hobbies and interests you have, there is sure to be plenty of attractions and ways to keep you, your family and friends occupied. You can visit the great cultural landmarks in cities and towns, walk through impressive scenery and visit the best important historical sites. 

Most campsites tend to be in the countryside, but there are a few dotted around the cities, so you don’t have to miss out on experiencing the great French restaurants and nightlife if you want to make the most of Frances most elegant dining options.

A camping holiday in France is also an excellent opportunity to try a new activity and find a new outdoor hobby. There are endless options to try outdoor activities such as surfing, horse riding, canoeing and cycling. You can get some quality time with your family and friends while enjoying yourself and keeping active. 

Mont St Michel

5. The food (and drink!)

France is known for its fine wine and even finer dining, and you can certainly take the opportunity to make the most of these on your camping holiday. The locals can point you in the right direction for the best places to eat and drink or do a little research online before you head out on your holiday to find the places you want to experience. 

French food has more to offer than fine dining in the best restaurants. Some of the best tasting meals can be the simplest, and France has some great options for rustic meals that taste great. You can sample fresh French bread, croissants and pastries by taking a trip to the local boulangerie and patisserie and add some local cheese and meats to your plate for a meal you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Selection of French cheeses

6. The beaches and scenery

You are spoilt for choice when selecting a destination for your French holiday. You can choose to see the iconic Mont-Saint Michel for its fairytale feel and unique shops and culture, take a peek at the endless lavender fields of Provence or take in the breathtaking scenery of the French Riviera. Those are just a handful of places to visit! France has so much to offer any holidaymaker. 

France is such a diverse country, and you can pick your location depending on what you want to see and do the most. Choose from the beautiful sandy beaches in the warm South of France or visit the stunning countryside in Mid and North France for a walk through some of the best scenery in Europe. One thing for sure, you will be spoilt for choice no matter where you go. 

Les Sables d'olonnes

7. The culture and history

France has a long and varied history that has shaped the country and culture that visitors love to explore on holiday each year. With a rich history based on religion, conflict and the development of world-renowned arts, cuisine and fashion there is plenty to see and learn, and France is dotted with various important historical and cultural sites to visit. 

France has played an important role in much of the history of the world. It has had a vital role in shaping many of the things we know and enjoy today, including cinema, fashion, cuisine and technology, to name just a few. So, spending a few days learning and immersing yourself in this culture is the perfect way to get a greater understanding and appreciation of this interesting country and its rich culture.

Chateau de Chenonceau

8. The language

French is a beautiful language and one that most of us have spent some time learning at school. There is no more immersive way to get to grips with a second language other than immersing yourself in it and trying to communicate with the locals. This is an excellent idea for any children learning a new language!

So pack up your camping gear and your kids and take them on the holiday of a lifetime they will enjoy while learning a little of the language. Most native French speakers will love to help and encourage your children as they practice their French.

Traditional French cafe

9. The freedom to explore

You don’t have to stick to one camping site on your trip to France. You can hire a car or bring your own via ferry and plan yourself a road trip so that you can pack in as much as possible into your holiday. 

Take some time to talk to your family and find out what everyone wants to see and then plan out a road trip for yourself! Make sure you pre-book your campsites along the way and plan out your journeys in detail to save you hassle along the way and then kick back and relax as you take the road trip of a lifetime.

Provence at dusk
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