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Digital Detox - 6 Reasons Why

Many of us have concerns over how intrusive our mobile devices are in daily life. Ourselves and our children are spending increasingly more time with a phone or other device. Undoubtedly, these gadgets are an integral part of our lives and enable us to learn, interact and connect in a previously impossible way. We certainly wouldn't be without them. However, it is nice from time to time to switch off and stop for a little while and escape the reminders of a busy life, work and social stresses.

Camping is the perfect way to switch off from technology and give yourself a digital detox. With limited electric options for charging and, in some cases, limited signal, it is easy to switch off your phone, and there are many reasons why you should.

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1. And relax...

Modern-day life with its advanced technology offers many benefits, including increased connectivity with our loved ones, easier access to information, and a more comfortable lifestyle. But these benefits come with a cost, affecting our sleep, concentration, and physical and mental health.

No wonder it isn't easy to relax when you have a constant stream of messages, emails, notifications and a to-do list that seems never-ending! Add in the pressures of social media and the moments throughout the day we spend checking our phones for updates, and it is easy to see why we forget to take a moment to relax!

When you go camping, you are already in relaxation mode, and if you switch off your devices and gadgets, you can remove many intrusive distractions from your day. Soon you will be in full relaxation mode and can enjoy the time you have camping with your family and friends.

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2. Avoid burnout

It's difficult to get good work and home life balance, especially when more and more people are using technology to stay in touch with their work colleagues and we are working from home more. When you feel like you never seem to be able to switch off and are getting more stressed and tired by the day, you might be experiencing burnout.

Burnout is that feeling you get when you've worked a little too hard for too long. Feelings of being swamped and exhausted often accompany it and, if left unchecked, can worsen. This is why taking regular breaks and holidays are essential, and there are few ways better to leave your daily stresses behind and find time to relax than with a camping trip, especially if it is a camping trip without the tech.

Taking a break away can work wonders for your mental health, energy and productivity in the long run.

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3. Be in the moment

Technology and our devices help us stay in touch with loved ones, but it is easy to get caught up with your phone and forget to look at what is happening in front of us. Social media, in particular, encourages us to document our lives with status updates, pictures and videos, but occasionally, it's good to take a step back from the constant barrage of content.

Camping is the perfect activity to spend time with your family or friends. You can relax, have fun, play games and make memories that will last a lifetime. The simple act of putting away your phone and gadgets and spending your time fully in the moment with no distractions is an ideal opportunity to gain a new appreciation for your life and loved ones.

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4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing entirely on the moment. It is a type of meditation that has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Camping is an activity that naturally aids mindfulness and allows you to focus on the present, taking things at a slower pace.

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5. More quality time

Camping holidays with your family or friends are great for reconnecting and spending time together. This is easier without our phone pinging and distracting you! These will become treasured memories, so you want to make sure the time you have is quality time.

It is surprising how distracting a phone can be. Before you know it, you have become fixated on the latest email or message to reply to or even reading the news. Without the distractions of your phone, emails, text messages or social media timeline, you have opportunities to enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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6. Less wasted time

Wouldn't it be interesting to add up all those brief moments throughout the day spent on gadgets, those quick glances at social media, the "I'll just reply to this" and "Google it!". These are all great activities, but they can eat into your day, and the time you have available. It might only seem like a few minutes every hour or so, but it soon adds up.

On your camping holiday, you don't want to miss out on a single moment or eat too much into your relaxing time, so try turning off your phone and see how much extra time you could free up.

Go part-time

  • Perhaps going fully off-grid is a little too much. You can still have the benefits of a digital detox whilst allowing yourself access to your phone and gadgets. Sadly, not everyone can turn off their phone completely, but with these few tips, you can minimise the time spent online whilst on your camping holiday.
  • Pick a time or several times throughout the day where you'll allow yourself the time to check your phone and any messages you need to deal with.
  • Make sure you put an out-of-office message on your email and any messenger service you use. This will give people who message you the expectation they will have to wait for your reply.
  • Before you head out on holiday, let your friends, family and work colleagues know that your phone may not always be on, or you may not have a signal at times.
  • Make sure you take a good battery charger with you. If you don't have easy access to electricity, you may want to invest in a solar-powered phone charger. It is important you maintain your phone's charge in case you need it in an emergency.
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