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Cuisine of Picardy

Cuisine of Picardy

While the food of Picardy doesn’t bear the same renown as the haute cuisine of nearby Paris, the local dishes are something to savour, with their incorporation of fresh local produce and recipes that extend over many generations.

Picardy duck pâté

One of the finest examples of culinary expertise in the Picardy region is the duck pâté of Amiens. Served in the region since the early 1640s, this delicate terrine is encased in thick pastry, and provides the perfect accompaniment to a main meal. More modern takes on the traditional recipe have seen chefs incorporate pistachio nuts and foie gras into the pâté, thereby infusing it with a flavour of contemporary France.

Flamiche aux Poireaux

This delicious leek pie originated in the Picardy region during the 18th century and has a reputation in northern France for being the region’s equivalent of quiche Lorraine. Made with locally sourced leeks, milk, crème fraîche, and butter, the flamiche is oven-baked and typically served with a glass of white wine.

Delicious desserts

The perfect end to a meal in Picardy comes in the form of gâteau battu – beaten cake. Famously resembling a chef’s hat in appearance, this brioche-like speciality of northern France is a moist and light treat, and can be enjoyed anytime of day. Equally as tempting are the quaint looking and delicate macarons of Amiens. The small, almond-flavoured confectionary is internationally renowned as a luxury product, and represents the very finest in sweet Picardy cuisine.

Local refreshments

While the northern French coast may not seem like the breeding ground for fine wine, Picardy provides a surprising array of options. The main wine of the region is Champagne, with the Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir grape varieties grown in the vineyards of the area used in the production process. In addition to Champagne, traditional medieval wines are still available throughout Picardy, with Hypocras a red wine and the Saugette a white, with both featuring hints of honey. As an alternative to wine, Picardy is renowned for the beers and ciders produced here, each of which offers refreshment at the end of the day.