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Gers-Gascony | Gastronomy

A land of gastronomy, a love of nature and an epicurean temperament: the Gers is above all a place of discovery and exchanges. Its cultural identity is rooted in its strong culinary tradition and enhanced with something specific to Gascons – the love of sharing. Local specialities such as foie gras and duck are paired with regional wines, creating a bouquet of flavours that intrigue and delight. The region’s pride in its cuisine is evident: producers in the Gers participate in the Slow Food movement, a commitment to the production of quality food using traditional and sustainable methods.

From the colours and flavours of renowned spirits to the scent of fresh fruits and regional confits, the Gers' gastronomic richness reveals a living and creative culture. Authenticity reigns at 'Ferme Auberge', where young chefs overthrow clichés and revisit regional specialities with inventive and contemporary cuisine.

Savour the famous Armagnac, which is said to be the oldest French brandy, or breathe in the complex perfume of fruits and flowers of our varied wines, such as the Côtes de Gascogne. Visit our wine houses, meet our growers and admire the changing colours of the vines.

‘Les Bons Crus d’Artagnan’ is a group of wine producers in the Gers who received the national label of ‘Vignobles & Découvertes’. You are invited to discover the richness of their vineyards, such as Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne, and wines that include Côtes de Gascogne, Saint-Mont, Madiran and Pacherenc.

With family, between friends or as a couple, the Gascons have become experts in the art of turning meals into festive occasions. Whether you're at a traditional market, on a farm or in a Tables du Gers restaurant, discover the richness of the Gers gastronomy. In the Gers, all seasons are an opportunity to celebrate the senses.

The best from the Gers

Armagnac, Floc de Gascogne, Côtes de Gascogne

Indulge your taste buds with delicious drinks that all come from the same rich soil. Visit our restaurants where wine and food are perfectly combined, and the cellars and châteaux of the winemakers.

White and red Floc de Gascogne are sweet aperitifs with a mild flavor, made from an old recipe: two thirds fresh juice of grapes plus one third young Armagnac.

The red, white and rosé wines of Côtes de Gascogne are recognised by wine lovers and connoisseurs for the unique taste of lemon and exotic fruits and the intense freshness. These are the leading producers of white wine in France and the most exported white wine in the world.

Armagnac, the oldest eau-de-vie from France, is a rare and unique drink, the result of the efforts and passion of men and women who have qualified in the preparation of the product, which for centuries has been a secret.

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Fleurons de Lomagne

Before you leave the Gers be sure to stock up on its culinary classics! Fleurons de Lomagne brings you foie gras, confits, wine and Armagnac from the region's best producers: Gascon products for any gourmet!

Fleurons de Lomagne draws on the skills and experience of the local craftsman which have been passed down from generation to generation. For 20 years this family business has been working with the best preservers, confectioners, and wine and liqueur producers to bring their quality products to you in Lectoure, Condom, Agen and Moissac. And when the fond memories persist, long after you get home, you can always order through the website.

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Château Monluc

Located in Saint-Puy, the present Monluc castle was built on the remains of a 13th century castle. It has today become the birthplace of a famous French aperitif called the Pousse-Rapière It is by delving deeper into the work of his forefathers that Renée Lassus had the idea to turn some of the grapes from his vineyards into Champagne whilst still continuing to distil the rest as normal. Thus came the idea for the cocktail Pousse-Rapière, the result of an improved family recipe based on the addition of dry Armagnac to sparkling wine produced in the traditional method.

It was in memory of Blaise de Monluc, the inventor of the rapière (a type of sword), that René Lassus named his cocktail 'Pousse-Rapière'. His clear success came from the fact that two components issued from the same vineyard were developed and blended in order to achieve a balanced mix. English is spoken.

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Terre Blanche

This ancient 16th century farm is located in the heart of the wooded region of Armagnac in the north of the Gers. Terre Blanche is a small, traditional duck farm which specialises in the raising, cooking and even tasting of ducks. This family run farm was created in 1982 to celebrate the best of Gers gastronomy. All the livestock are raised outside for a minimum of 14 weeks and fed entirely on corn for the first 12 days. During the course of your visit, Christine and Ronald will show you each stage of the rearing of the animals and preparation of the food.

Your hosts will also demonstrate their ancestral expertise in the art of cooking the duck pâté (gras). Throughout the year, Terre Blanche offers old fashioned country cooking and meals for you to enjoy.

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