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Walking and Cycling in Burgundy

Walking Holidays in Burgundy

Auxerre, Capital of Yonne

Endless vineyards, pathways alongside winding rivers, and town streets filled with culture and tradition: a walking holiday in Burgundy provides a wealth of options for active holidaymakers. Thanks to its central-eastern setting and comprising the Cote-d’Or, Saone-et-Loire, Yonne, and Nievre districts, the region has enough captivating sights to ensure any walking tour offers adventure and appeal.

Châteaux and wine


Burgundy’s prestige is never more prevalent than among its vast expanse of vineyards and magnificent châteaux. Follow easy and moderate trails along tranquil lanes to experience a taste of traditional Burgundy, uncovering such fascinating towns as Dijon and Beaune, and exploring the majestic structures of Chateau de Varenne, Château d’Eguilly, and Château de Blancey.

Of course, the region's wineries enjoy international acclaim, and tracing the famous wine route established by Cistercian monks in the 14th century provides a valuable insight into the production of award-winning labels at some of the world’s finest appellations.

Charming town walks

The Hospices de Beaune

The gentle hiking trails and vineyard routes of Burgundy are undoubtedly compelling, but the opportunity to uncover quaint countryside towns and cities is equally rewarding. The cobbled streets and enchanting architecture of Beaune, for example, offers the ideal setting in which to interact with local merchants and get a taste of the relaxed, Burgundian way of life.

Cycling Holidays in Burgundy

With verdant countryside stretching far into the distance, disused railways providing fascinating routes, and expansive vineyards leading to equally grandiose chateaux, a cycling holiday in Burgundy has the potential to present travellers with unique and unforgettable perspectives on the region. More than 800km of dedicated cycle routes can be found across Burgundy, ensuring that both experienced and novice riders can explore at a pace that suits them.

Prestigious Burgundy

Burgundy’s reputation for beautiful vistas, quality wines and gourmet cuisine gives it a prestige feel that few can’t help but find tantalising. Sleepy villages give way to majestic châteaux, monuments to the riches that have passed through the region, and extensive vineyards that produce some of the world’s finest wines. Peaceful cycle trails wind through it all, rewarding riders with both scenic charm and tasting opportunities.

Burgundy Landscape

Voies Vertes

Southern Burgundy features some of the most renowned cycle routes in the entire region, the Voies Vertes, or Green Lanes. One of the best is over 70km in length and runs from Chalon to Macon; it is suitable for all riders and takes in the stunning scenery of the Saone-et-Loire, passing a number of vineyards and châteaux. Many Voies Vertes follow the routes of former railway lines, guaranteeing a revealing insight into Burgundian life and landscapes.

Cycling in Burgundy is a wonderful means of discovering a region that offers a universally appealing way of life. Travelling at a relaxed pace, cyclists can witness the stunning scenery and impressive architecture that provide lasting memories.