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Essential Fishing Equipment

Essential Fishing Equipment

If you are a keen angler, then the chances are you already have most of your equipment and are ready to go, but it can be easy to forget something essential in all the packing and organising. Avoid this by planning and checking everything is in good working order before leaving for your holiday.

Your Fishing Equipment And Tackle Box

The most apparent equipment you need is your fishing rods, reels and your tackle box. This should include plenty of spare lines, hooks, weights and the correct type of bait for the kind of fishing you want to do. You may also want to check out where the nearest fishing shop to your campsite is in case you need to buy spares or extras of anything while on holiday. Don't forget a coolbox to store any fish you are going to be taking back to camp too.

Equipment To Stay Warm And Dry

Equipment To Stay Warm And Dry

Fishing is a pastime that means you are sitting still for long periods in all kinds of weather. It's essential to make sure you have plenty of warm and waterproof clothing. You might even need a change of clothes in your day bag so you can change into something dry before heading back to your tent or caravan.

A small pop up tent shelter will help keep you dry and sheltered throughout the day and keep you away from the worst of the weather. Groundsheets and picnic blankets can make a big difference to your comfort during the day and a folding chair to sit in is a must! This ensures you are comfortable enough to keep fishing and your muscles are less likely to seize up. Make sure you have warm and waterproof outer clothing, and you can even pop a blanket into your day bag to use as a throw. A flask of hot tea or coffee will also help keep you warm throughout the day.

Extra Equipment

These are a few extra things you need to pop into your fishing bag, most of them are not fishing related, but they are essential to anyone who is spending time outdoors for long periods.

A first aid kit is the first thing you need. With fishing, you might need to make sure you have a few extra plasters and bandages along with some antiseptic wipes in case you cut yourself at any point. Other than this, your usual first aid kit should be enough for most everyday accidents.

Pop some sunscreen into your bag too. You can protect your skin and stop yourself from ending up with uncomfortable sunburn while out all day. You may also want to consider some moisturiser, aftersun cream and lip balm too. Spending a lot of time outdoors can cause dry and sore skin, and all of these will help to combat this.

A multitool and fishing pocket knife are also important, but if you are travelling abroad, make sure you do so appropriately and check what you are allowed to take into other countries before starting on your journey.