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Camping Equipment for a Fishing Holiday

Essential Camping Equipment You Need When On A Fishing Holiday

When you go fishing, you need to consider all your fishing gear, but you shouldn't neglect the equipment you need back at camp. This is where you will go after a long day, and it's where you will cook any fish you have bought back to camp. This is why when you go camping or caravanning, your equipment is one of the most important things to consider. The right equipment to keep you comfortable and keep you entertained can make or break the whole holiday. Here are a few of the basics you need to take.

Your Tent or Caravan And All The Equipment That Goes With It

The first thing to decide when going on your fishing holiday is where and how you will stay. Are you going to take a tent for a full back to nature experience? Or do you prefer taking or hiring a caravan and having a comfy bed and a solid roof over your head to come back to after a day spent by the lake or river?

Which you choose will affect the type of equipment you take. If you plan to stay in a tent, you need to ensure it is fully working and has everything you need before you head out. Check to see if you need to re-waterproof it, mend any tears or damaged areas, and make sure no tent poles, pegs, or guy ropes have been mislaid. The same applies to your caravan; make sure it has everything you need before you head out on holiday. Even if you are hiring a static caravan or a lodge, it is worth checking what is included and what you need to take with the holiday park.

Make sure you have all your bedding, towels and any beds you need to take. These can make a big difference to your nighttime comfort. If you expect it to get slightly cool at night, pack extra blankets and throws to use while relaxing in the evening before bed.

Cooking And Cleaning Equipment

Cooking And Cleaning Equipment

Camping and caravanning holidays tend to be primarily self-catering. You might have the odd meal out here and there but cooking your own meals is one of the pleasures of a camping holiday. Pack your bbq equipment, your camp stoves and all your camping pots and pans so you can cook your meals quickly.

When you are fishing, you might also be lucky enough to bring back the odd fresh fish or two to cook up and eat. So, make sure you pack a good filleting knife and a pan in which to fry the fresh fish - delicious!

Being able to clean up after cooking and, in general, being able to keep your camp clean is essential. Take your washing up bowls, detergents and any wipes you need. For quick and easy cleaning, it is worth having some anti-bacterial wipes and wet wipes handy. These can help you clean up when you are in a hurry.

Lighting And Entertainment

Camping is the perfect opportunity for early nights and early mornings. This is when you can make the most of the day. However, you don't always want to have to head to bed early, so make sure you take plenty of lighting options to light up your tent and caravan in the evening. You will also need to have torches and plenty of spare batteries so you can light your way to the toilet block or anywhere else you may need to go in the evening. Make sure you always have a torch handy with you in your bag too. If you end up in the local pub in the evening, then walking back to your camp in the dark is made much easier with a torch.

In addition to this, don't forget to take books, puzzles and games with you to play in the evenings or on rainy days when you and your family are stuck back at camp.

Extra Equipment You Might Need

Any camping or caravanning trip requires a lot of equipment, although you can strip it back to basics if you need to. These days, one thing you should not skimp on is your phone charging options. Either take plenty of spare batteries or invest in a good solar panel phone and device charger.

Make sure you also take a base first aid kit with all the essential items you may need. Make sure you stock up on plasters, antiseptic wipes and bandages for a fishing trip.

It would help if you also packed a good day bag that is easy to carry on your back and is waterproof. This will be what you take out and about and should have some essential first aid items, snacks, a torch and spare phone batteries. This will also help you carry your fishing equipment to your spot by the river or lake.